Merry Christmas from the Christmas Crew

Christmas Crew in Santa Barbara
This photo is from last year’s Christmas in Santa Barbara.

This afternoon we check into our Palm Springs VRBO to celebrate Christmas with our two kids and our son’s girlfriend’s family. Also, my dad who is turning 91 in a few weeks lives close by. We’re going to be a smaller group this year due to two sisters in Europe and the mother not well enough to make the trip from the Bay Area. One daughter is staying home with her. All in all, with those not coming, we’re down five people. So our party of 12 is now seven.

Merry Christmas!

Who are you spending Christmas or Hanukkah with this year?

21 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Christmas Crew

  1. Beautiful shot. It’s funny. As a kid, I just assumed we’d always be together at Christmas. As a parent, I understand how special it is when that actually happens. We’ll be missing a few this year, including my oldest son in the military, but I’m still looking forward to FaceTiming him. Have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time together.

  2. Wishing you all a happy holiday. We received small gift cards unexpectedly from two of our grandchildren. So sweet. They won’t be here but that is very endearing of them as they are teenagers!!! So sweet. This is a quiet Christmas for us.

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