Ping pong weather

ping pong table in backyard. This photo is from last year. Unfortunately there is a mega mansion being built blocking this mountain view.
This is the view of our ping pong table from last Spring. This year, a McMansion is being built blocking part of the mountain view! What were they thinking!!!

The weather is perfect for ping pong. We had the ping pong table folded up and stored away because our weather was wild this winter with tons of rain, wind and even snow.

Every time I thought the winter weather was over, I’d ask hubby to get the ping pong table out. Guess what happened? It would rain. It would pour. There’d be thunder and lightening.

So we’re a little late in the season for ping pong. But we started playing over the weekend.

We’re competitive with each other but silly, too. My husband commented yesterday that he only has fun if he wins. I guess when I win, he doesn’t view it as that much fun. I have fun regardless. That’s how we’re wired. I didn’t play competitive sports growing up, while he ran track, played football and wrestled. I golfed and skied and was out for recreation.

As for silly, when we first got the table, we immediately ran to our offices (separately) and began viewing youtubes on tricky serves. We laughed when we found out we were up to the same antics.

When it’s my serve, I bend at the waist and mimic Michael Phelps on the blocks doing his routine where he flaps his arms up and down — but I have a paddle in one hand. My objective is to get my husband laughing so hard he can’t return my serve. It still works!

Michael Phelps on the blocks.

It feels good to add a moments of playtime throughout the day.

This is the home being built that cuts into our view. It’s in a separate neighborhood than ours that has golf courses. We’re on the other side of the wall.

What do you do for fun to break up your work each day?

22 thoughts on “Ping pong weather

  1. I loved the ‘competitive but silly’ thought…just my style! Go, Elizabeth…channel your inner Michael Phelps! I have zero coordination for ping-pong…but I’m admirer of folks who can follow that teensy, fast-moving ball! ๐Ÿคฃ

  2. Garden, walk in the garden, WordPress, an outing in the car with the husband to somewhere even if sightseeing. Now, my novel The Bayou Heist is finished, so there is another gigantic thing off my plate. I have fun imagining another book. We shall see. I am grateful for breaks right now!

      • Yes, I am trying to give my eyes a break but I do like the computer, writing, and wordpress and uh, looking at new plants for empty pots. What a beautiful ping pong table and sorry about the neighbors spoiling the view.

      • I like all those things too! I am sorry about the new house. But the person building said they own the lot directly behind our back yard and it wonโ€™t be built on. I hope they donโ€™t sell it!

  3. I haven’t played in a long time but I love ping pong and I’m pretty competitive when it comes down to it- which surprises me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That house takes away the pleasure of your view for sure. Perhaps you could convince them to paint a mural of the now blocked mountain on the side of their house for you…

    • Ping pong is fun. We had a ping pong table in our garage while raising kids. We decided not to move it and then bought a new table after playing on vacation. I like your mural idea!

    • Itโ€™s sad but it doesnโ€™t block all of the view. Thankfully. Before we moved our neighbors cut down a tree in their yard that gave us privacy. They said they wanted the view. I was devastated and angry because instead of a gorgeous tree I was looking at their house! My husband reminded me we were moving in a month!

  4. Ping pong sounds fun! I walk around the house, looking at yard work I might get around to โ€œsomedayโ€ while enjoying any flowers that have popped up. Pet and love on the dogs or take them for a walk. Make tea. Watch birds.

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