When you wake up happy

Looking out the sliding glass door to the back yard.

For some unknown reason, I woke up feeling very happy. It’s not unusual for me to be in a good mood, but today I feel exceptionally hopeful. I can’t stop smiling.

I’m trying to figure out what makes today different.

• I checked the temperature on my phone and it was in the low 70s. A perfect day for a walk.

• It’s bright and sunny after a few days of dark gray clouds.

• I went to sleep early and slept through the night.

• I have an entire day without a “to do list.”

• I’ve recently spent time with friends and had visits with my kids.

• I’m backing up my files on my new laptop — which by the way — doesn’t mysteriously delete my work.

• I had my home-baked banana nut bread with coffee for breakfast. Maybe it’s the sugar in the banana bread. The recipe is from my mom’s old orange Betty Crocker cookbook. It reminds me of my childhood.

• My rewrite of my manuscript is going well. I’ve decided to tell the story from the four main characters’ points of view rather than from one.

• I’m reading an enjoyable book called “The Optimist’s Daughter” by Eudora Welty.

What little things make you feel positive and encouraged for the day?

One of my favorite spots in the house. I love to sit at the table and look outside. We moved the table and chairs from Palm Springs. It was our kitchen/dining room table for 28 years and continues on in Arizona.

19 thoughts on “When you wake up happy

  1. Your optimism is feeding my optimism. Isn’t that how it works? I too sometimes find myself in a ridiculously happy mood, I horde those moments, as if the last roll of toilet paper! I have a sign in my bathroom that makes me smile every time I use the facility. It says, “Everyone Wants to Change the World, But No One Wants to Change the Toilet Paper.” Bahaha, life is good, so glad you’re feeling it! Hugs, C

    • That optimistic feeling has continued. I just finished reading the “Optimist’s Daughter” by Eudora Welty. Perhaps Ray Bradbury was right about what we feed our brains? He said “Garbage in, garbage out” and advised to read poems, essays and literature— and turn off the news.

  2. You made me smile. I can see why you enjoy your surroundings. I love the view from my deck: river, mountains, trees – and my blooming yard. I did enjoy some wonderful socializing with women friends this week, which was a mood brightener. I don’t mind being alone, but not healthy to do ALL the time.🙂

  3. I guess this is best kind of morning.
    I wish you have more such mornings in the future.
    I wake up at 5:30 am and do some chores, read book and go to gym for workout. If everything goes this way, then it’s perfect morning for me.
    Earlier this week, I had to cut off my gym time due to personal reasons and that was really bad for me.
    I guess, a good workout do wonders.
    Hey, but I’m not trying to ruin your morning with my story.
    I wish you a pleasant day(I guess you will read this in morning, we have a huge time difference) 😅

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