The things we believed — at first

masking with fabric
When we first were wearing masks, I used quilting fabric, which we now know isn’t that helpful. Here I am at the park in Palm Springs by my old home.

We spent Father’s Day at our friends who moved unbeknownst to us from Palm Springs to a mile from our new Arizona home. We played bocce ball, cooled off in their pool and ate a delicious dinner of bbq’d pork ribs.

At some point in the conversation I mentioned that we took Vitamin D3 every day because it’s supposed to help protect us from COVID.

My girlfriend’s husband who is a newly retired doctor said, “Where did you hear that? That makes zero sense. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. How do strong bones help with COVID?”

I humbly replied that I had read it everywhere. I couldn’t point to a specific source, but it was a common theme I heard repeatedly from people I knew and news sources.

When I got home, I googled it. Early on during the pandemic, researchers believed that Vitamin D helped. Now there are extensive studies that show there’s no evidence or correlation that Vitamin D protects people from the SARS virus.

I thought about other things that have changed through the last two years as scientists learned more about the dreaded disease.

First, we were told that it could last on objects for hours or even days. This resulted in our city pool being shut down, playground equipment and the tennis courts closed to the public. A few skate parks in Southern California were filled with sand to encourage social distancing.

playground equipment with yellow tape
This was the playground equipment at our park during the shut down.

Now we know that the virus doesn’t sit for hours on inanimate objects and it would have been healthier for kids to play on the playground — rather than being isolated in their homes.

A friend of mine would unpack her groceries from the cart and wipe them all down with bleach or alcohol before she loaded them into her car.

I know a lot of people who told me they’d strip off their clothes inside their front door when they returned, jumped into the shower and washed their clothes. That was especially true for people who were “essential workers” and had to work with the public.

I wore cloth masks such as the quilting fabric in the photo above — and my husband wore a bandana.

What are some of the things you did when the pandemic first hit that you later found out weren’t effective?

bungee swimming in pool
My daughter using the bungee in our backyard pool since the city pool was closed.

27 thoughts on “The things we believed — at first

  1. So much information through out simply because no one knew the right answers, but actually if they had thought carefully they would have known

  2. Nope. Not fooled about any of it. Anybody with a keyboard and the ability and forethought to actually do their own homework would have known that there are two major classifications for the common cold: Rhinovirus and Coronavirus. Yep. Coronavirus is just another, much more terrifying word, for “Cold”. It is well (and I mean WELL) documented in medical journals, but everybody just took the governments word for it, including Doctors who had a vested financial interest in the Pandemic.

    • We spent a lot of time at home too. Our daughter came home for the first three months to live with us because San Francisco shut down. She came to our So Cal house and our area shut down two days later.

  3. My brother, a med admin, retired from NYU Med Center kind of bullied me into taking the shot against all intentions. To tell the truth, I had some adverse effects this pas year with my immune system. Back to normal but as a very healthy person, I was concerned about my sudden problem after the vaccination with my thyroid.

    • I’m glad you are okay! I feel like my joints hurt more. But maybe they would anyway? It’s called aging, but I feel like I’ve aged rapidly this past year.

      • Yeah, mine was kind of strange as the doctor could not figure out what was happening with my thyroid as the rest of me was very healthy. My joints are aching, also but I keep on exercising and thyroid magically improved. Very strange, the doctor thought so also.

      • actually the doctor had some students (Med students) come in and asked me a variety of questions. It was a little disconcerting having them observe me. Some of the questions were about medication and shots.

      • and also, they asked if I had experienced the flu, colds, and the state of my health in general. The VA was very thorough.

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