Sights at sunrise

Sun behind the clouds at sunrise
It’s so hot I’m taking my walks at dawn to beat the heat. The clouds are blocking the sunrise.

We’ve had a hot week and I’ve been swimming rather than walking each day. Our pool in the backyard is a nice temperature so I jump in and kick or swim. I swim laps at the Y a couple times a week too.

It’s weird not to walk every morning after not missing a day since I recovered from knee surgery.

The other morning I woke up at 4:45 a.m. and got out the door for a walk at 5:15 a.m. It was beautiful with birds singing, but I felt a little unnerved with coyotes howling nearby. It sounded like a large pack. I almost turned back to the house, but courageously kept moving on. I actually turned back momentarily only to discover the coyotes howling sounded near my home. Onward and forward seemed like the prudent choice.

Here are the photos I took during my early morning walk.

purple mountains and desert plans.
I love the colors of the mountains and desert in the early morning.

bird on saguaro
A saguaro topped by a bird.
Century plant fallen over
I had been watching this century plant waiting for it to bloom. This was a sad sight.
Century plant standing
This was the century plant two weeks ago.
The oldest quail babies hanging out with their mom and dad in our pool bar. We have three families from wee babies to these teenagers.

If I wake up early enough to beat the heat, I go for my walks at sunrise. If I wake up later and it’s too hot — I jump into the water. Thankfully our pool gets a lot of shade during the day, so the water temperature is still cool.

What is your favorite way to start the day? How are you getting exercise?

19 thoughts on “Sights at sunrise

  1. Sights at sunrise? You mean like the other side of my pillow? The outside thermometer at 90 already? That frightening thing looking back at me in the mirror? My favorite way to start the day: Late.

  2. A nice breakfast with yogurt, fresh pineapple today and a walk with the pub, depending on if it is my turn. 90 degrees out there already. Will go work out and maybe swim at the new wonderful club I belong to as soon as my coffee is downed and my motivation is up! And husband comes back from getting hair cut!

  3. I like to sit on my cushion and just chill to a song for three minutes. Then I freewrite, and look at my to do list. I usually write my blog first thing, but I’m trying to get in the habit of gym, shower, blog…which I successfully did this am

  4. I love the desert at sunrise! Your quail babies are so adorable. Good for you keeping up your exercises. I walk the dog most days and am trying to get into a daily routine for a 20-minute workout, too.

  5. Coffee in bed, Larry brings it to me with a kiss. He sits in the chair with his coffee and we chit chat about the coming day. If we have no immediate plans we go for a five mile walk and then I usually write when we return. I love slow mornings, lots of coffee, and a computer in my lap! Hugs, C

  6. Amazing photos and video. Sad about the century plant. You’re right, it’s too hot to walk. Swimming sounds more fitting. How is your week going? Long time no read. Saved your posts to binge read but having a hard time reading for the past month with my son at home with me 24/7

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