Is it ok not to go?

swimming pool in Palm Springs
The 50-meter pool in Palm Springs that was one mile from our old house.

I have a reservation to swim in an hour. I don’t feel like going. I swam two days ago and I felt wonderful during and after my swim.

But today I’m weighing the idea that I don’t HAVE to go. If I decide to stay home and read a book in my back yard, I’m not any less of a person. But I’m torn. I feel guilty for not going. I know I should go. I remember I wrote about something similar years ago in a post “I don’t have to, I get to.” It was about appreciating what we have and that we are able to do things.

Every morning I walk, then I either play ping pong or pickleball a few times a week as well as swim. At my age is it okay to slow down and say no thanks, not today? Or should I say “I get to swim today” and just go?

What are your thoughts? What would you do?

27 thoughts on “Is it ok not to go?

  1. There are pros and cons to ether decision and you should choose the one that you can best live with. You are probably the only one who knows whether you truly need the break and will be better for it, or will beat yourself later up for ducking out. The line between listening to your body and rationalization can be blurry, I have found!

  2. I’ll come back to a previous comment I left- is this outside pressure to keep a routine based on social expectations others have of / or for you? If so, ask yourself why you feel you have to live life for others goals and not your own, and also why you question yourself over a simple deviation in routine. Maybe even why the need for a routine at all? Allow yourself the freedom to live in the moment. Structure isn’t mandatory.

    • It’s all on me. I’m trying to get healthier and back into shape. Through the past few years of COVID, I can’t believe how quickly I have lost it. But maybe my expectations are too much.

      • I understand but I think there is always underlying pressure to set standards based on others expectations. It’s too easy personally to not internalize what the world wants or expects us to do. You know yourself best, but taking a break on occasion might be more beneficial mentally than you realize. Good luck.

  3. I guess it depends on which you would regret more. Going or not going? I’ve skipped some things I had scheduled for various reasons because I knew I wouldn’t care in the long run that I missed them. I’ve done things I wanted to skip because I knew I would end up regretting that I didn’t do it.

  4. I took a much needed day off from work and completed a few things I needed to get down. Soon, school will be over and summer vacation will be here. I can also enjoy the local gym! Now, I may read for awhile or maybe write a blog a day ahead!

  5. It’s hard to say… sometimes when I have had shoulder pain, I haven’t wanted to lift weights and I don’t… other times I force myself to do it and a MIRACLE… the pain subsides. YOU ARE RIGHT — at our age we choose what we do, for me the main thing is not to break the exercise habit – one day off, back at it in “some way.” GOOD FOR YOU!

  6. I don’t think either options are bad. I think once you go swimming you’ll really enjoy it but reading in your backyard sounds fun too.

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