Early birds

sunrise in the desert
Sunrise view from our backyard.

I’ve decided to change my daily schedule. It’s time to set my alarm and get out of bed early. For the past months, I’ve been letting my body decide when to get up.

It’s getting hot and my morning walks will go by the wayside unless I get out earlier. Yesterday we walked at 7 a.m. and it was too hot. We decided 5:30 a.m. would be the ideal time to get outside in the neighborhood.

Another reason to get up early is pickleball at the YMCA. When school ends in a few weeks, the gym where we play pickleball will be used by the kids’ summer program. Us old folks will get to play pickleball from 5:30 to 7:30 a.m. By walking at 5:30 a.m. for a few weeks, I’ll be ready for the early pickleball mornings.

I wrote about early birds get the worm a few years ago. It’s a story about how many people we define as successful get up each day at dawn. I’m talking Benjamin Franklin to Tim Cook. You can read it HERE.

Do you set an alarm in the morning or do you let your body decide when to get up? Are you an early bird or not?

Another early morning sunrise.

37 thoughts on “Early birds

  1. My new natural time and body rhythm is 6AM. I’m okay with that, especially for early morning walks when it’s finally summer around here. Right now planning walks means watching for the ideal time between constant rain showers.

  2. Let’s see,…retire? Check. Sleep in? Check. Slow cup of coffee and a take my time and enjoy breakfast? Check. Mess all that up for a 5:30 AM walk and pickleball? Yeah, not gonna happen, ever. That same walk can be taken in the late afternoon when the temperature is only 90.

  3. I set alarms for 6 AM and my goal is to get up but sometimes I turn them off and don’t quite make it. It is one of my goals to achieve as well. Not because I want to go outside and exercise but because I can get so much work done before the noise of the household starts.

  4. Great question – I’m wired to be an early bird and I don’t set an alarm. I rely on my body to wake me up, and I usually get up between 5 and 6:30. That works for me and our family’s shower schedule. I work in the afternoons, so I have a lot of flexibility!

  5. I find 7 is the latest I can sleep weekdays but I can also read a good book at least until 9 and then a slow Southern breakfast and time in the garden.

  6. In that heat, it sure makes sense. I get up about 6, sometimes a little earlier or later. I do not like alarms and don’t use one. Natural body rhythm works for me!

  7. During my time as a So Cal mom I walked in the AM as an “escape”. I switched that to the PM for a similar reason as a So Cal daughter this time. We’ll see what transpires for this exercise when I get to MI!

    Even in retirement I am generally and early riser if you think of 7:30 as early. I could get out of bed earlier since I’m usually awake before that but I like to get my fix of news and headlines in the first 30 to 45 minutes of GMA. Since I now have the luxury of not having to do anything with anyone in the early morning most days, I have been known to roll over and catch another hour or two.

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