Day one of mom and grand-dog duties

Waffles at the ER vet
Waffles the pug not feeling so good.

I made it to the Bay Area to help my daughter who has COVID. I’ve been wondering how much help I can be, since I can’t be with her? If I can’t do much, I’m looking forward to quiet time alone writing.

So far, it turns out — more time than I thought.

I didn’t arrive until evening to my airbnb which is .2 miles from her apartment. The problem is she’s on quarantine and can’t leave her apartment. I’m not sure what the protocol is these days, but I can guarantee she hasn’t hit it yet.

She texted me a list of groceries. I asked if I could go to the Berkeley Bowl to get the items on her list. It’s one of my favorite places to go to when I visit the kids. This running errands will be a treat if it includes the Berkeley Bowl! I blogged about it HERE.

I picked up clam chowder and a salad for my own dinner and a few groceries for my airbnb mini-fridge along with her list. When I dropped off her groceries at her doorstep, we waved at each other through her window.

I walked back to the airbnb and sat to savor the Berkeley Bowl clam chowder. It’s so delicious. I called my son and we were talking about plans for tomorrow’s dinner. He may be recovering from foot surgery, but he doesn’t have COVID. We can be together in person.

That’s when I got a call from daughter asking me to take Waffles the pug to the ER. He’s been having issues with his tummy. I wrote about it HERE a few days ago. Waffles has been throwing up and hasn’t recovered from chicken bones. The animal ER won’t let my daughter with COVID inside.

I sat for more than two hours with Waffles in the waiting room. My daughter texted me the recent details since I was traveling from Arizona and not totally up to date. We — the vet, the vet’s assistant and my daughter on the phone — decided not to hospitalize Waffles last night, but to bring him back in the morning if he doesn’t improve.

I’m wondering what tomorrow’s role as mom and dog grandma will bring? What’s driving me crazy is to be so close to my daughter, but not being able to give her a hug.

Have you traveled to help your kids away from home? How have you helped? How have you helped family members with COVID?

17 thoughts on “Day one of mom and grand-dog duties

  1. So far my daughter has never needed me to travel and I personally don’t know anyone who has had a serious case of Covid…we were five days home and done when it went through our house

    • I think for most Covid was like in your home. I have a friend whose 24-year-old son was put on a ventilator. Thankfully he recovered. My husband and daughter got pretty sick, but nowhere near hospitalization.

  2. Probably a lot of stress happening for everyone. Hang in there. Haven’t had Covid or had to jump in to deal with helping anyone, but youngest did severely fracture her ankle just days before she was supposed to move to CO. She ended up living with me for about 2 months, with her cat, until she could manage and leave. It wasn’t easy. Good luck and I hope Waffles gets fixed up soon.

  3. Sending positive thoughts to you! We once had to make an emergency trip to Reno to rescue our daughter from a bad relationship and bring her home. That was a strange weekend for sure. Fortunately we haven’t had to travel for illness.

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