22 thoughts on “Navigating a post-pandemic social life

  1. We only spend time with a few friends and family members with whom we feel comfortable. Because to the cold weather, all activities are still taking place indoors. I believe we would feel more at ease if it were warmer and we could be outside.

  2. Well, I’m an introvert so social gatherings were never really a favorite thing of mine but we do have a few friends that I enjoy getting together with. I did not go to the Super Bowl get together even though it was with those friends in part because I don’t like football but in part also because I just am not sure about being with people without masks yet. I suppose I could have gone and worn a mask though I probably would have been the only one. We’ve had covid hit our son and a good friend within the last month so that could have been a factor too.

  3. I guess I should clarify that we have off for non-student days not dealing with COVID but Fair day and holiday. I do think that COVID has contributed some to social gatherings but not as many as some states.

  4. I am more selective… or maybe I should say that I am more comfortable about being selective. We have friends who invited us to join them for happy hour at a downtown outdoor restaurant/bar. We aren’t all that interested in driving somewhere, sitting in a (most likely) noisy location, having a glass or two of wine, eating overpriced food, then driving home, so we declined. Instead, we’ll meet them for dinner another evening in a much more conversation-friendly location. It was easier for me to say “no” to the first offer and feel okay about it.

  5. Take it from a retired, WELL traveled army guy – cultures change. People do not. The wants and needs in Moscow are the same as the wants and needs in Mogadishu. Go, have fun. People are just people.

  6. I only had one small group I socialized with before Covid and they don’t seem inclined to do so anymore. I’ve joined a community book club and we are meeting in person next week. Otherwise, I don’t exactly have a friend group to consider seeing.

  7. I’ve always preferred staying at home and doing my own thing and now with covid, I find that I really don’t want to go anywhere. So covid made it a better excuse to say no.

  8. I feel out of practice with my social skills and I believe that’s because of COVID and all the isolation. The best way to get better is to do what you’re doing, say yes, and get back on the horse! Hope it goes well, xxoo, C

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