Wordle saves the day!

Yesterday’s Wordle.

I saw a headline yesterday that grabbed my attention after I finished my daily Wordle:

Chicago woman rescued from naked kidnapper thanks to Wordle


In an article written by Yaron Steinbuch, a woman in Chicago was rescued from a naked man who held her at scissors-point and later knife-point because of Wordle. Her daughter lives in Seattle and was concerned the next morning when her mom didn’t text or contact her about Wordle. That prompted the daughter to call the police.

This reminded me the importance of staying in touch with family members. I wrote a blog post called Inspiration can be a daily, family thing a number of years ago when one of my college roommates was visiting me. She and her two brothers and mom would have a group text each morning to make sure everyone was okay. Their mom was in her 80s and lived alone, and it was the kids way to make sure their mom was ok.

I was doing this with my kids but it went by the wayside. We would share something we’d find inspirational in a group text every morning. My mom is turning 90 next month and she’s in assisted living. Unfortunately she isn’t tech savvy and isn’t good about answering her phone. But she has a staff to check up on her. My dad is 90 and lives alone. He has friends who check up on him and we talk on the phone every few days. Maybe I should start a morning text with him, though.

How do you keep in touch with your family? Do you have a set time to text or call?

5 thoughts on “Wordle saves the day!

  1. My college-aged daughter and I Facetime a couple times each week. It all depends on how busy we each are. We also text throughout the week.

    By the way, I usually start my Wordle with the word “earnt” thanks to your suggestion! 🙂

  2. The NY Post is one of my favorite ways to catch up on news! I try to keep up with family by texting and social media. My brothers are hard to catch. My stepson and his dad text regular which is very good as he is in the process of finding a new job!

  3. Our family is enjoying Wordle too, we have a family Slack Channel, and we post our scores daily! The family Slack Channel has been around for years, it’s our hub, and much of our communication with kids that live out of state is conducted in this space. We love it. Hugs, C

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