Party time

One of two charcuterie platters at our party. One of my son’s girlfriend’s sisters created this masterpiece.

Saturday afternoon the big day finally arrived. After shopping and trying out recipes and living on finger foods for a week, our violist and one of her sisters arrived.The guests came over in the early evening and I realized we had too much food: spanakopita, a Costco-sized shrimp platter to feed 20 (I’d say 60) and meatballs that turned out superb thanks to my fellow bloggers’ suggestions. Add to that two huge charcuteries with my favorite brie and Humboldt fog cheeses and my husband’s favorite stilton with mango and ginger.

We arranged chairs in the back yard for Alexandra Simpson to play. Here are a series of short videos from the concert. The evening was divine. After the guests left and I cleaned up, I sat and drank wine and chatted with Allie and her sister Brett. I think next to the concert, that was a highlight of the night.

As the sun began to set Allie’s ipad lit her in a soft glow. She uses the ipad for her music.

Here’s a music video that dropped Friday with Allie accompanying Chuck Prophet in “Meet Me at The Roundabout.”

That was the highlight of my weekend. What was your favorite thing about your weekend?

17 thoughts on “Party time

  1. Well, since I have decided to stop following any other news, this is probably the stuff I need to read. Not sure why there is a French Fry shortage, our local grocery stores do not seem to have any shortage of potatoes. I do have a really good two ingredient recipe for French Fries if McDonalds needs it: (1) Potatoes, sliced and (2) oil in massive quantities. Hey, maybe it is the oil they cannot get!

  2. Wow, you sure do know how to throw a party! I don’t want to sound boring, but my weekend was typically the same as my weekdays, lol. I tend to maintain the same routine day in and day out. Anyway, it’s a lovely slice of your life you shared with us. I appreciate it!

  3. What a fun event with good food and good company! Doesn’t get better than that! Well, you know pretty much all about my life! I’m looking forward to a few restful weekends! xxoo, C

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