Boomers: Don’t call your child’s boss!

Brother and sister
My kids who are now in the workforce. No, I don’t call their offices.

I was looking back to March 2020 on my blog, right when we were getting worried about COVID. I found this blog post I wrote back then and thought it was a strange enough topic to post again:

This is an actual memo that went out to a company this week. I am not making this up. My daughter sent this to me and said “You boomers are wildin’!” She was shown this by one of her coworkers who said it was sent to one of his family members at work.

It has come to my attention that we have had over 10 calls from parents about various subjects as it relates to their kids.

You are adults now and your job is YOUR responsibility. If you have a concern or need more information about the Coronavirus, 401k, Benefits or anything else that relates to work you need to communicate with your manager. If you can’t or don’t feel comfortable talking to your manager then please talk with HR.

I DO NOT want to hear again that someone’s parent called in HR or anyone else at our company for that matter to ask a question. You need to step up and be the responsible one as this is your job and you are an adult.

If your parent calls in that will be your final day.

Isn’t that something? Who are these parents? I would never, ever call my children’s HR or workplace. Of course we all want to know how our children’s companies are handling the coronavirus but I rely on my kids to let me know. For example, my son’s company has everyone working remotely.


What are your thoughts about a company having to issue a memo like this? Have you or do you know anyone that would call the company their child works for?

20 thoughts on “Boomers: Don’t call your child’s boss!

  1. Wow, some people. I might make a suggestion to my adult child to check with HR or their supervisor about something but would never do it myself. I’ve got my own stuff to take care of. It’s a relief to me that I am no long responsible for them and I can only hope that I did my job well enough that they can handle themselves out in the world.

  2. These are the same parents that let Johnny live in their basement until he is 37, getting free cooked meals, free laundry service, free internet, streaming services, electricity, water, maid service, all while he is screaming “leave me be, I am over 18 now”.

  3. Okay. So I did text my sons boss when I tested positive for covid. Only because I used to work for her and I wanted her to know that my son wasn’t making stuff up. He is only 16. Other than that, I would never!

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