The ups and downs of blogging

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Sunrise from the back yard.

I have never posted about stats before. I’m talking WordPress numbers. But after I posted Party time! something weird happened. It’s only happened once before.

My stats boomed. I was up 1,427% !!

The question is why? Wouldn’t I like to know that secret.

The other time my stats skyrocketed was when I wrote about a Darlene Love concert I attended with my husband, dad and son. We had a venue in Palm Springs called The Follies. She was the headliner for their last few shows that included dancers in their 60s and 70s who look amazing!

I figured out why those stats boomed. I shared my blog post with Darlene Love through social media and she posted it!

But Monday’s post? Maybe it’s because our son’s sister-in-law Alexandra Simpson has a following or Chuck Prophet, the musician she’s playing with in the Youtube video for newly released song “Meet Me at the Roundabout.”

If you don’t know who Darlene Love is, I highly recommend the Oscar-award winning movie “20 Feet from Stardom.” Heck, I recommend that movie because the stories of the backup singers are so powerful and it includes many big stars like Sting, David Bowie and the Rolling Stones.

What are your thoughts about stats? Do you think spikes happen because of key words, SEO, tags? Or just luck?

21 thoughts on “The ups and downs of blogging

  1. For me it is length: the length of the post. If it is too long and rambles, I get inpatient and just move on. Some folks seem to think Blogs are an old Greek term meaning “do not know when to shut up, so keep writing about stupid crap”.

  2. I wonder about people overseas from Malaysia and the UAE, even Nigeria reading my blog. I wonder who they are. Maybe they just like the name, cupcakecache, so the stats go up.

  3. My stats stay pretty consistent, I wish they would spike once in a while? I’m completely lost when it comes to SEO’s but I know it’s supposed to help? Not sure if WP does much to assist? But congratulations on the spike! That’s wonderful, C

    • Thank you! It was fun and I loved sharing the news with my son’s sister-in-law who played for us. Have you heard of Kygo? She was supposed to play with him at the Phoenix Open and last minute they cancelled the strings. But I think she’s playing with him in the Bay Area this week.

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