Another week, another surgery

Rainbow in Santa Barbara during Christmas week.
A rainbow over the Christmas week VRBO.

This week I’m back taking care of my son in the Bay Area. He had surgery a few days ago. He heard the garbage truck coming, realized he forgot to take out the bins and raced down the stairs, breaking his foot. The last time I was here taking care of him, he had shoulder surgery from overuse injuries caused by swimming and rowing. That was several months ago, but not long enough for him to be healed and to be able to use crutches.

At Christmas week in Santa Barbara in the VRBO, he stayed on the main floor with us (mom and dad) and scooted around the kitchen and living room on his knee scooter. The main floor had the master bedroom and a small second bedroom. The rest of the “kids” — ages 21 to 34 — were on the lower level and out by the pool. I can only imagine how frustrating it was for him to be stuck with mom and dad.

He made the best of it and hopped down the spiral staircase a couple of times so he could sit with everyone by the pool.

I’m not sure what this week will bring. I’m sitting in his living room while he sleeps on the sofa with a cast on his foot. He has to return to remote work so I may be sitting quietly by getting ice for the ice machine and filling his water glass.

I brought a book I thought I’d read while I hang out in his house this week. But I finished more than half of it during during the plane ride. (Chanel Cleeton’s “When We Left Cuba.”) The good news is he and his girlfriend were Literature majors and they have a nice supply of books. I don’t need to get worried about finding another book to read.

shelves full of books and a knee scooter
Books and the knee scooter in my son’s living room.

What are you reading now? Have you taken care of your adult kids after surgery? We went out to dinner with friends the night before I left and they said they’d never do it. That their kids are on their own. What are your thoughts about that?

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  1. Of course I’d take care of my adult kids after surgery. I’d hope they’d do it for me too. Once they were able to take care of themselves again though, I’d be on my way. Praying for your son- and I’m interested in the “overuse” injury he had surgery for last time. I’ve been having terrible trouble with the shoulder on, what used to be, my pitching arm…

    • Thank you! I feel the same about helping out. I’m glad I can. He had a torn labrum in his shoulder. My daughter has tendonosis which is a chronic form of tendonitis, but surgery can’t help her. Both are from overuse.

  2. I’m reading If Only which is possibly the most trite, cliched book ever and makes me wonder if I should ever buy a book because I saw it while browsing and it looked interesting. The three reviewers must be relations….because no normal reader would give it five stars. Yes I would help my daughter after surgery…I’m a sucker….

  3. Speedy recovery! I know the feeling as I am taking care of my daughter with jaw surgery. Thank god for cellphones so she can text me or call me if I’m in another room. She can’t talk but the ringing phone will get my attention fast. I love that bookshelf!

  4. I’m all in when it comes to family in need. I stayed with my daughter for weeks after her babies were born, my shift was 3:00 am to 7:00 am, and pretty much the rest of the day! I loved every minute. I’ve nursed both sons and daughters back to health after sporting injuries, nothing major, occasionally just driving them back and forth from physical therapy. Sending some healing thoughts to your son, warmly, C

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