What changes your outlook?

Sonoran desert view in Arizona.
View from my backyard.

I can’t tell you why, but the past few days I feel better. I didn’t feel bad before, but my attitude has improved. I wake up with more energy and passion for the day.

What have I done to change my outlook?

First, I restarted the “Three Blessings” exercise. In the evening I write down three things that I’m grateful for that happened in my day. And why. According to Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman, he’s used this exercise at U Penn on his students and patients and found it to be as effective as anti-depressants.

So, it could be that.

Or, another change I’ve made this week is getting more exercise. I take my morning walk of about 45 minutes. When my walk is over, I either jump in the backyard pool and swim or I hop on my bike for a 20 minutes bike ride. I mix it up according to what I want to do. Yesterday after swimming laps, I treated myself to climbing on the float from Costco feeling the breeze on my wet skin and staring at the sky. It was heavenly.

Today, I biked and enjoyed the breeze and felt good about how much better I did climbing the hill to our house. Yes, I could feel my heart rate rise, but it wasn’t a struggle like it was earlier in the week. Also, I managed to stand up for a few pedals, which I couldn’t do last week. Those are tiny things, but the improvement felt monumental. On the bike, which I haven’t ridden in years, I feel like a kid. I’m not listening to headphones, I’m listening to nature. I get a bit smile as I coast down a hill, trying not to squeeze the brakes, but let myself fly.

Maybe it’s the hard labor I’ve been doing to fix up our rental house before the new tenants come in. Or, the good book I’m reading.

Whatever the reason is, which is most likely a combination of all the above, I like the way I’m feeling today.

woodpecker on a saguaro
I saw this woodpecker on a saguaro as I left my front door.

What improves your attitude? Have you noticed changes in how you’re feeling lately?

8 thoughts on “What changes your outlook?

  1. I feel best when I get done what I want to for the day. Somedays I am more ambitious than others-exercise whether a walk, bike ride, or the gym makes me feel good. Sometimes lunch out with the husband or a friend. Today we went to a deli and I splurged with a bagel and lox-the works. That made me feel good. We drove in an area we don’t normally go to. Ah ha, a good cup of coffee instantly lifts my spirits. Constant state of flux-as days change quickly!

  2. I love that you’re feeling better and that you’re able to see improvement that correlates to the Three Blessings exercise. I’m adding Flourish to my growing library book list. I love that I am getting so many great book ideas lately.

    What improves my attitude? Sunshine, reading books, journaling, coffee, time spent with family and friends, exercise, and chocolate. Not in that order. 😉

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