My latest fears…

With all the wildlife around our new home, you’d think I’d be afraid of the huge coyotes, the bobcat slinking under the window, or the javelinas staring at me through the gate. But no, I’m afraid of a neighbor’s dog.

coyote on wall

A coyote has been hanging out on our wall.

I’m not sure if it’s an irrational fear or not. You should see the dog! I’ve been walking along the road outside our development for my morning walks. One side is backyards of houses and the other side a nature’s preserve. The views across the street are breathtaking.

The dog sits in his backyard and barks at me as I walk by. He’s a big, ugly dog with a nasty growl and bark.

I was okay with it, thinking there’s no way this devil-looking dog can get outside his fence. But then one day I faced the dog being walked on a leash by the owner and their young teen son walking a huge pit bull — who looked friendly compared to the beast. The devil dog lunged at the end of its leash, growling. The woman holding the leash pulled on it precariously. I crossed the street from the sidewalk to the open nature’s preserve.

“I’m afraid of your dog!” I called out.

“Oh, he’s fine,” she said.

I hoped she could hang onto that damn leash! I wish he was wearing a pinch collar or at least a choke chain.

Back at home I googled vicious dogs and looked for the breed. I found it. Presa Canario. Here’s the website where I found the picture.

photo of presa canario

I found this photo online. It looks like the neighbor’s dog.

This is what I learned from one of many websites I clicked on.

This breed is widely considered to make for a loyal pet and a first-rate guard dog when raised properly. But it also has a reputation as a fearsome fight dog with an aggressive streak when it is not well trained. Unfortunately, Presa Canario attacks are known to happen, and can prove deadly.

So, I don’t feel secure about this dog. I don’t know if he’s well trained or not. Whenever I go out walking and spot the woman with her dog, I turn the other way. I wonder why they need a pit bull and a presa? Isn’t that overkill? I’m sure they sleep well at night, though.

I find myself second guessing where to walk. I think I’m overacting and my walks aren’t as enjoyable. I may have to get back to the pool!

cat sitting next to flowers

Olive outside at our old home.

My other fear is that my kitty Olive will get outside and tangle with the wildlife. She went outside at our old home and loved her time outdoors. So far, she runs the opposite direction and hides whenever a door is opened.

pug face

This little guy is more my speed than a presa. It’s Waffles the pug snuggling my daughter.

Do you think my fear of the neighbor’s dog is irrational or not? How would you react in my situation?

14 thoughts on “My latest fears…

  1. Totally rational…trust your gut here. My friend’s son in law (in PA) was out jogging with his golden last week and came upon a guy walking his large dog. Instead of simply crossing the street, he chose to run past them as both dogs were leashed. Well, $1,000 (and some serious PTSD) later..he is wishing he had simply taken preemptive, evasive action. “Oh, he’s fine”is often the last thing that’s said before a bite.. dogs are dogs, we never know what’s going on in their heads.

  2. It’s not really possible to judge from the other side of the world. But I would trust my instincts. Generally, I like dogs, but also believe that dog owners need to keep dogs in such as way that people around them don’t get scared.

  3. I would go with your gut feeling. I love dogs but I also observe body language etc of a dog to see if I would pet it or walk in the other direction. I think your fear is rational.

  4. I think it’s rational. I live in a building and they have a big black dog on the top floor. It’s a she. On the few times I’ve seen her, she sensed my fear and barked like crazy. I avoid leaving the house if I see the elevator was on the 19th floor.

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