And then this happened….

Harris hawk on jojoba Harris hawks on our jojoba bush.

After writing about my neighbor’s dog, I didn’t know that this would happen next…

I was taking a break, sitting in a zero-gravity lounge in the sun, reading a book about creativity called “Vein of Gold.” I placed two bird feeders in our back yard a few weeks ago. I enjoyed watching the quail and pigeons who came into the yard, ignoring me as I sat still with my book.

Hawk on wall Harris hawk on a neighbor’s wall.

Then I heard a crash. Another crash. I saw the giant brown wings of a Harris hawk. It looked like it was smashing into the screen door of our casita. Crash! It hit it again. I jumped up, yelled and waved my arms, hoping to scare away the hawk away who had a quail in his claws.

I quickly walked down to the casita door and quietly peeked inside. I wasn’t sure if the hawk had broken through the screen door. I was shocked when I discovered this:

Broken window due to hark The window after the hawk repeatedly flew into it.

It wasn’t the screen door but a window he smashed into. I think the hawk thought our casita was the perfect place to hide out in to devour the quail. I’ve decided not to refill the bird feeders. I don’t want my yard as a hunting ground for hawks, bobcats and coyotes to stalk our fattened quails.

Not only do I worry about the neighbor’s dog, but also large birds of prey shattering windows.


9 thoughts on “And then this happened….

  1. Yes, we do have all kinds of wildlife to be aware of. I made the mistake of hiking near sunset last night and had a couple of coyotes cross the trail in front of me. Always a little unsettling in the same way as a scary dog. Are you near Tucson or Phoenix? I’m in Phx!

    • I’m right up by Carefree across from the McDowell Sonoran Reserve. We moved here from Palm Springs in December. You’ll have to let me know some good hiking trails. We’re exploring the area right here but will want some new trails.

      • What a beautiful place to live. My favorite place to hike is the Spur Cross Conservation Area in Cave Creek. Other faves include Brown’s Ranch and Pinnacle Peak. Let me know if you’d like a hiking partner. I spend my winters in Anthem. 🌵

      • Thanks for the great ideas. My husband and I are going to try Brown’s Ranch this weekend. It would be fun to have a hiking partner. I just want to get the vaccine before I start seeing people.

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