Have lemons? Make lemonade!

A cup of lemonade I bought on our morning walk. I did take one sip, before I took the photo. I have to say it wasn’t a generous serving!

We have friendly neighbors who apparently have an abundance of fresh lemons. Note to self: I need to plant a lemon tree! In Palm Springs we had 15 citrus trees and we have none here.

On our morning walk, we passed the friendly neighbor’s house spotting a young boy sitting outside, alone at a folding table, with a hand painted sign, “Lemonade.”

We asked how long he’d be there and he said another hour and a half. It was 6:30 a.m. I wonder how early he set up his stand?

“We’ll be back after our walk,” my husband promised.

This is a grandchild of our neighbors. We first met them when their grandkids were visiting at Christmas the year we moved in. They had a lemonade stand then, and we thought it was so sweet. It brought back memories of my childhood when we had a Kool-aid stand.

We haven’t seen these neighbors since December 2020 until sometime in April this year when we were out for a walk. We stopped and talked and talked about our kids, who all live in California. They told us about their grandkids and asked if we wanted to go to church with them. The husband promised us his homemade limoncello.

Again we haven’t seen them around. I believe the husband works a lot throughout the country and is rarely home.

Then last week, the day before we left for Mexico, we saw him in his garage.

He said, “Wait!”

He ran to get us two bottles of limoncello. We declined, but he said, “Please take them. I don’t drink, but I like to make it.”

This morning after our walk, I returned to the lemonade stand.

“You’re certainly out early,” I said.

“I try to do my best,” the young boy answered.

“What are you going to do with all this money?” I asked.

“Half goes to charity. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with the rest.”

I gave him money for two lemonades. He asked what color cups I wanted and poured me a few inches of lemonade in each cup.

It gave me a bit of joy to see a child working his lemonade stand. It’s a rare sight indeed.

What are your memories of lemonade stands growing up? Do you see them today?

26 thoughts on “Have lemons? Make lemonade!

  1. How sweet of you to help this little one out! I don’t think I ever tried to sell anything as a child but I got to experience those sale stands as a girl scout leader year after year hawking boxes of cookies to earn troop money 🙂 I’ve seen many families in the middle of garage sales where their kids set up their own stands to sell cookies, drinks, even coffee while their parents are hoping to sell off all their own stuff 😉

    • I was in Blue Birds and we were supposed to sell Camp Fire Mints. My mom wouldn’t allow it. I’m not sure why. I’ve seen garage sales with coffee and donuts.

  2. We lived about a mile from the nearest neighbor but in our small village as the owner of a small ice cream stand (like a drive up Dairy Queen) we were privy to all sorts of information (local, salesmen and girl scout cookies) and we bought. There were no nearby stands but many of my classmates worked in the family business if they owned one or on a farm with the animals. I haven’t seen any in our area but we do see garage sales from time to time and of course kids selling cookies. In the past, we have had kids come to our door with magazine subscriptions.

    • We lived in town until I was in second grade and had a Kool-aid stand. Then we moved out into the country with neighbors far apart like you. We tried to sell chicken eggs, but everyone had chickens.

    • I have seen lemonade stands in small older areas of Tampa Bay and sometimes in some neighborhoods and also, some very tough areas. It never ceases to amaze me-how enterprising children and families can be-some to lend a hand and some to teach a lesson.

  3. My daughter did a lemon aid stand when she was about 7, in an apartment complex courtyard with her friends. It was adorable. But, we don’t have too many here

  4. My kids did Kool Aid stands during the summer occasionally, when I was in a good mood because it was messy and you know, kids don’t clean up well. I have a glass of warm water and lemon every morning but lemonade has never been one of my favorite drinks. Isn’t that funny?

    • The lemonade was so sweet! I’m glad it was a small pour. I understand not wanting to clean up the mess. I also start each day with a cleansing lemon water 😊

  5. As a kid (on a military base in Pennsylvania), I sold painted rocks with Peanuts characters, bought candy at the PX and sold it for a nickel more in the housing area, and started a nickel toy exchange. I was really a budding entrepreneur. I came up with all these on my own. I did a KoolAid stand, too.

    When I moved to Durango I would occasionally see a lemonade stand (1980s), but haven’t seen one in a very long time.

  6. That’s so sweet! Wow, an enterprising kid and dedicating half his profits to a good cause. I love it! And I know from when Miss O does lemonade stands, it really makes her feel great when people stop to talk (and buy) so bless you for doing that!

    • I felt sorry for this young boy sitting at his stand so early in the morning. There’s not a lot of foot traffic! I’m glad your daughter has a stand, too!

  7. I used to sell cookies and lemonade with my sister but for the life of me I can’t remember what we did with the money? My kids did the same thing. I remember one day Larry backed his car into the lemonade stand and scratched the door. It was a scene! So sweet of you to support your neighbor and his entrepreneurial efforts. Hugs, C

    • I’m laughing about your husband backing into the lemonade stand! It’s not funny, but it is! I remember my brother and I saving to buy a Kool-Aid stand with all these cartoon characters that were on TV commercials. Does “Goofy Grape” ring a bell? It was quite the stand — although made out of cardboard. It sure beat all the neighbors folding tables with a towel on top.

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