Our wild neighborhood

We saw two mule deer on our morning walk.

Unfortunately our nest of quail eggs did not hatch. It makes me sad, because I was looking forward to our own hatchlings. We do have a couple families of quail visit our backyard. I also was thrilled to see deer yesterday morning.

I’m not sure what to do with the nest of eggs. I’m leaving it alone for the time being, but think I should throw them away?

I never get tired of the wildlife in our neighborhood. Across the street we have the McDowell Nature Preserve with more than 130 miles of hiking trails. That’s probably why we get deer, coyotes, javelina and bobcats waltzing through our backyards and streets. There’s so much building going on in Arizona, it’s reassuring to know the 30,580 acres of Sonoran Desert across the street will not be developed.

Here is one of the quail families that visit our yard. The babies look like teenagers.

Another deer in a neighbor’s yard.

Here’s a video of a mule deer walking across a neighbor’s driveway.

What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood?

40 thoughts on “Our wild neighborhood

  1. My son would love living where you all do. He is a big wildlife lover. It would be cool to see those animals each day.
    I would say the best thing about our neighborhood is how friendly the neighbors are. No troublesome neighbors and ones that are always willing to help when needed. We can count on each other. πŸ™‚

  2. I know the people and the stories of the houses. There is not much development going on in our area as it is already finished. I know the park nearby, the water area with alligators but most of all I know the stories of some of my neighbors and that makes me feel comfortable in a quiet area.

      • Some of the homes have changed hands and we see new walkers. There are some older homes in the neighborhood, very nice, and I don’t see anyone but there is someone there. They have older inhabitants and will be there until the end of life. Some pretty homes. I know I wish I would see who lived there. And some might be second homes.

      • I think our neighbors are mostly retirees. We do have a few families with kids and a school bus picks up a handful of children.

  3. Older homes, trees, and the fact that we really cannot grow significantly larger! I would love to have a natural resource so close by like you do though EA πŸ™‚

    • I love having the nature preserve across the street. I see so much development around us that it makes us feel protected! I love older homes. We moved from a 1930s home, which was old for Southern California.

  4. I love your nature posts, Elizabeth! We have one particular deer – an elderly gal – who’s hanging out in our backyard, nibbling from the cherry tree and she’s got a bum back right leg. We suspect she was hit by a car, or it’s arthritis (does that happen in deer?) and our hearts are aching for her. I worry about coyotes coming after her…but every day that we see her meander through the yard, I’m grateful. πŸ’•

      • Me, too, me, too. We know there’s a nook in our backyard that’s been a birthing place for many deer over the years (we have the best neighbors, filling us in on these details) and one suggested that she’s ‘come home’ because she knows she’s not well. Sigh. Just as you said…we want her to be safe. xo to you! πŸ₯°

  5. 130 miles of hiking trails? Wow, that is so wonderful. I love your wildlife and no wonder with a lovely preserve nearby! We get bunnies, raccoons, coyotes (occasionally) in our neighborhood but it’s pretty urban. How fun to enjoy your wildlife vicariously!

    • It’s perfect for us to hike on weekends — when it’s cool. We’re entrenched with desert fauna and the huge saguaros. It’s one of the things that sold me about our house. We knew a huge development wouldn’t happen across the street!

  6. Time to make a big omelet! 😁
    I love living on a dead-end dirt road with a variety of habitats. Nice neighbors space out on large lots, dark skies at night so we can see the heavens, excellent views of the river, mountains, etc. Very quiet and little traffic. Yes, plenty of wildlife, too.

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