Views from the week

Octotillo are turning green with red flowers.

I had a good week. Here are a few highlights:

I swam Tuesday and Thursday after not swimming for five or six months. Thursday I almost cancelled because it was a cool windy day and the pool was cold on Tuesday. I told myself that I had enough to do to get ready for guests. But I decided to go. If I was freezing, I could get out. I was thrilled to discover the pool was a perfect 81 degrees (at least perfect to me. That’s too hot for people who swim faster and harder than me.)

Another plus happened Sunday. I took my husband to the coffee shop where I met a longtime friend last week. I wrote about that HERE. Hubby and I went for lattes and breakfast. We never get lattes, that was a one off for us, but so delicious.

Carefree Coffee Roastery

They roast their own beans and I bought their House Blend for my pour over set-up the kids got me for my birthday in March. The coffee is smooth and delicious.

Speaking of delicious:

Avocado Smash with egg, goat cheese and pickled onions, tomato and capers.

This was my breakfast. It’s called Avocado Smash, and I added an egg. It has lettuce, tomato, goat cheese, capers, pickled onion and a vinaigrette — and avocado of course. YUM!

During the week, we drove to a Mexican restaurant my friend recommended. She’s lived here for 15 years. Her son went to culinary school and was a chef in Palm Springs. I take her recommendations about restaurants to heart. She told me about the Carefree Coffee Roastery, for example. Her Mexican restaurant suggestion was a hit. I wrote about my quest for Mexican food in Arizona last week HERE.

“It’s the closest thing in our area that is like the Original Las Casuelas,” she said referring to one of our staples a few blocks from our old house.

The restaurant she suggested is called Plaza Bonita. I finally found my huevos ranchero fix without having to drive 45 minutes to an hour!

Strange looking saguaro

I’m not sure what this is? Cellular tower? On our morning walk we pass several fake saguaros. This one is getting a face lift.

Cat on a desk looking out the window

Olive the cat is checking out my new workspace in my official office. I think she likes the view.

Another highlight this week was reading some amazing blog posts that really moved me — especially on The Heart of the Matter. The connections and similarities to my own life and other bloggers was comforting. I’m honored to be in this blogging community.

Cardinal with attitude

I loved having Bird Buddy up and running. I was thrilled to get Cardinal photos and videos. Here are two photos I got yesterday. I love this Cardinal’s attitude.

Cardinal with

Why does this shot remind me of Kramer from Seinfeld? Do you see it, too?

What are some of the highlights of your week? Have a happy weekend!

36 thoughts on “Views from the week

  1. Yum, lots of good food balanced by exercise! Nice. YES- Kramer the cardinal! The fake saguaros…I wonder who thought those were good ideas, even though I suspect I know why. Sometimes decisions like this stun me.

    Speaking for HoTM, thank you EA! It’s our goal to connect with our readers. We really all are in this journey together and so glad you find meaning in what we write ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That fake “cact-eye” are license plate readers, though I’ve never seen one with arms before so it must be a newer model. You would not believe the uproar when they were first installed!

    I totally see Kramer in the cardinal! Love it!!

  3. It’s not fair to repeat EVERYTHING that Deb said…but I could…I think the cardinal aka “Kramer” is hysterical — what an observation, Elizabeth! And the fake saguaros? Whoa! I’ll only add that I loved the pic of sweet Olive…she’s so adorable hanging out in your new space. Thank you for the peek at your week….and for being such a dear and wonderful blogging friend. xo! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  4. Having my novel available online was a blast, as was 8 bags of trimming away plants and other things from the front lawn. We did it losing a few pounds and I still keep going with the yoga. It was a good week! That does look good!

  5. On Monday I woke, and made it until bedtime. Tuesday, I woke, and made it until bedtime. Wednesday, I woke and made it until bedtime, Thursday, I….well, you get the picture.

  6. Yes – that cardinal does look like Kramer. Must be the hair! As an aside, I once climbed with a guide who named his son “Cosmo” as in Cosmo Kramer. Oh boy!

    Nice commitment on the swimming – I bet that makes breakfast and Mexican food taste really good.

    I love the picture of Olive. Beautiful!

    Thank you for the nice words about HoTM. You’ll have to tell us if you’re willing to do a guest post sometime! We’d love it! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

    • Yes, the swimming is so good for me. It makes food taste good and gives me the deepest sleep. Olive is finding life strange right now because I have door shut where she normally goes. My houseguests are allergic to cats. As for a guest post — you just gave me the imposter syndrome feeling. ๐Ÿ˜

  7. What a week! All good things! Love that youโ€™re churning up the pool again. So good for you! Meeting an old friend, delicious coffee, great meals and birds watching. I enjoyed all your pics! Larry and I are on our way home, but ran into a 12 hour flight delay in Tokyo! Im feeling ripe! Hugs, C

    • It was a good week. I think swimming flows into everything else. It makes me feel fit, gives me deep sleep. Iโ€™m sorry about your flight delay! But youโ€™ll have something to write about. Iโ€™m curious how you and Larry handled it and what you did with the time.

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