Not for wimps

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It’s been over a week since I got COVID and I thought today would be a good day.

Both my husband and I commented this morning that we were feeling better. He’s attempting to work and I got up feeling well rested. I even felt hungry which is a first. I’ve been having trouble eating.

But then I took my final Paxlovid dose and things went from good to worse. First, I can’t stand the metallic taste and was thankful this was the last dose. I was feeling weak and tired, so I decided to take a hot shower and change into a fresh pair of pajamas and go back to bed.

That was my goal for the day. Then I began vomiting the nasty Paxlovid and I had to sit up or I’d get sick lying down. I coughed mouthfuls of phlegm. I felt like I couldn’t swallow because there was a lump in my throat that I can’t stand.

All I wanted was to get snuggled in bed next to kitty Olive and feel better. But I coughed and spluttered all over the duvet and I had another load in the washer.

Many people had Covid and it wasn’t a big deal. I guess in the big scheme of things it isn’t for me either.

I know people who took Paxlovid and didn’t have my reaction. I know a few who did, but more who didn’t.

I don’t remember feeling so awful in years, but as Scarlett O’Hara would say “Tomorrow is another day!”

If you took Paxlovid or know somebody that did, what was the experience like?

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  1. So sorry you are still down EA. I don’t know anyone who has ever taken the drug- maybe another call in to the clinic is in order at this point??

  2. I was just out with friends last week and amongst the seven of us, there was a spirited debate about Paxlovid…two had great experiences and the rest? Similar reactions to your unfortunate experience. Sure hope you’re feeling better soon. 💓

  3. I’m so so to hear you’re still not feeling well, EA. We have a family friend who’s a family medicine doc and with his (mostly geriatric) patients, he stopped prescribing Paxlovid unless the patient had an extremely bad case because so many had reactions like yours, where the cure was almost worse than the ailment. I know it doesn’t help, but you’re not alone. Tomorrow’s a new day–hoping you wake up feeling refreshed and like a new person. 💓

  4. I didn’t take it. I think I was fortunate and just had a milder case because I had had all the boosters available. I just felt really tired and achy. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I don’t have personal experience of Paxlovid but I did get Covid in the summer. My lung capacity was poor afterwards and it still feels weak. I have lung test soon. It seems to affect everyone differently. My husband got AFIB and all the cardiologists asked about Covid and or vaccines. I guess we will never know if it is connected. Be gentle on yourselves and I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Vomiting is the worse!! I actually ended up in the ER for I couldn’t stop vomiting with Covid. They gave me super.potent anti-nausea pills and fluids. I took Paxlovid after going home and didn’t vomit again. I know the metallic taste is awful! Sorry you are having trouble with it. Is it a morning and night pill for 5 days? Hoping you feel much better soon!

      • Thanks. Definitely don’t want to go through it again!
        Glad its over for you and hope you don’t have to deal with it again either!

      • I really think it all depends on the individual person and their immune system as to how “contagious” it is. Me and my husband and son all got it around the same time. My daughter never did and she was in the house with us.

      • I was with my kids in Berkeley when my husband got it last year. I got an Uber from the airport and stayed in the Casita away from him and never got sick. I think you’re right that it’s an individual thing.

  7. My goodness, this sounds so horrible. I don’t know anyone who took Paxlovid, but I know I didn’t feel good from the vaccines I took. Nothing major, just hair falling out, feeling congested for months — strange things. I hope tonight you are able to get nice and cozy in bed. Feel better.

  8. Sounds like an awful day. Hope the next time you feel good it stays that way!

    Hey, nice header image! Finally showed up for me. You must have tweaked something.

  9. Ugh – I’m so sorry. I’m thinking that when I had Covid about 14 months ago, Paxlovid wasn’t available – or maybe just wasn’t so readily prescribed. Sorry about the need for healing on top of the healing. Hope it’s over soon!

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