All my plans

View of our pool from my gravity recliner.

I had so many plans for this week. Oh well. Life doesn’t always work out as planned.

Here’s what I was excited to do this week before Covid hit:

It is finally be warm enough to get back into the pool. I made lap swimming reservations at the YMCA for this week after it was too cold to swim for months.

I was going to a driving range by myself or with a friend.

I wanted to hike the trails across the street because wildflowers are in bloom.

I got a call from the City of Scottsdale that I got bumped off the waiting list of three months for pickleball lessons today. They had a coveted spot for me.

I was going to a Casino Night fundraiser for the Dream Center which is a residential facility for trafficked girls and boys. I wrote about it HERE.

My husband and I would resume our daily walks morning and night.

I realize it’s not the end of the world that my plans changed. I’m content to sit in the backyard for a few minutes and enjoy the warm sun. Next week, I may feel stronger and be able to enjoy a few of the activities on my list, if not all of them. Notice most of my activities had to do with good weather, sunshine and moving outside?

What are you excited to do because Spring is in the air?

25 thoughts on “All my plans

  1. I hope that you start feeling better soon! We’ve got 2-3 weeks before it’s too hot to do anything outside, so I’ve been walking, hiking, gardening, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. It’s the best time of the year!

  2. Oh my….as I type this note to you, Elizabeth, we’re experiencing snow showers…so thanks…a bunch…for sharing a stunning pic of a sunny, blue sky! 😎 Hope you find ways to do all the things you’ve missed out on, bit by bit. Sending hugs! 🥰

  3. We do not have Spring. Hey, aren’t all chairs “gravity” chairs? I mean, they all entice you to sit “down”, right? Unless Arizona has chairs that crush Newton’s laws and you can sit “up”.

  4. Personally I’d love an excuse to just sit outside in the sun with a book. I have the book, we have no sun and it seems like there’s always something I “need” to do. I guess that’s why they call them guilty pleasures – LOL. Rest and get better soon!

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