Spring is in the air

Sitting in our backyard, I’ve noticed a change. Flowers are beginning to bloom!

Leaves are beginning to sprout on once bare branches. Color catches my eye as I rest in the backyard, enjoying the sun and soft breeze.

Springs is officially here. Time to get rid of the styrofoam cups protecting our cacti from freezing.

Here are a few photos of flowers in my backyard:

yellow flowers

I love the honeysuckle climbing our wall.

I used my plant app and it said this is an aloe vera. It’s wrong about 50% of the time, so I’m not sure.

I’m working on identifying the flowers and plants, but I had very little luck! I have a wildflower guide from the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, but I bet the plants in my yard aren’t wildflowers found in nature, but plants bought in nurseries.

If you have any idea what these plants are, please let me know!

What is in bloom in your neck of the woods?

34 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. You have some beautiful backyard plants! I can help with identification. 😊 I think your app is right about the aloe vera, though it’s the tiniest little guy I’ve ever seen. The bush with small yellow flowers looks like a desert cassia. The taller shrub is a Sonoran yellow bell. And the one with fluffy flowers is a calliandra, aka baja fairy duster. If you’re interested in pants, it can be fun to take a “field trip” to a local nursery to check out what thrives in the desert… I’m often surprised!

    I’m seeing the same as you, as well as some bulbs (iris, daffodils, canna lilies, day lilies), a Hong Kong orchid tree, and lots of Texas mountain laurels.

    • Thank you for all the help identifying our flowers! I love it! We have visited the Desert Botanical Garden and have learned a lot there. I like your idea of visiting nurseries too.

  2. Beautiful photos. Around here the daffodils are over but the magnolias are starting to bloom + the grass is green now– almost to the point where it needs to be mowed.

    • The app is so bizarre. I think it might be because it was created in New Zealand or Australia and comes up with plants that are not native to this area at all!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I can’t wait to see the saguaro and barrel cacti in full bloom. Also the baby quails!!! In one of our pots in the backyard, last spring we found a dozen quail eggs shells that had been hatched! I hope they come back for the same “nest.”

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