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It was the day before I left for Seattle when I was folding laundry and making the bed. I was listening to podcasts on Spotify on my laptop. I set the laptop on the nightstand. Suddenly, the podcast stopped.

I didn’t think much about it. Huh, I thought. Did my screensaver stop it? I tried to start up the podcast again. No luck.

Later, I was looking at my email and I got one from Spotify telling me that a new email was associated with my account, or some such words. They asked me to click on a link if I didn’t change my email.

Well, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck and I wasn’t going to click on their link.

At that moment my son called to chat and I told him what happened.

“What’s the new email address?” he asked.

“Something @Yandex.com.”

“Mom! That’s Russian!”

Yikes! I spent the next hours changing passwords to everything. My son told me I needed a password manager like Last Pass and a VPN. He said in today’s world, those two things are a necessity.

I quickly installed the needed items and felt better.

I copied the body of the email from Spotify and found a link on their website to send in the info that “No. I didn’t change my email address and now I was blocked.” I still wasn’t going to click on their link. But Spotify got back to me quickly and told me they’d secure my account. I had trouble accessing it for several days. Again this week I was logged out.

I wonder why my Spotify account was hacked? What was the purpose? Was it to gain access to my laptop and passwords?

This was not how I had planned spending my last day at home before my trip to Seattle to spread Mom’s ashes and reminisce with family.

Have you been hacked? Was it email or an app?

Do you have VPN or a password manager?

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  1. Spotify was attacked because it has the most vulnerability. Hackers look for the weak points in a system, and they enter through that weakness. In this case, they shut down Spotify for the sole purpose of getting you to click that link, thus inviting them into your entire system. We are considering VPN, but do not store our passwords in the system. Duck Duck Go has a password manager built in and it is super secure. The biggest protection you can use you already have mastered. Do not ever click a link, even if it is from a “trusted sight”.

  2. What a lot of stress just before your trip! I have a password manager but don’t use the VPN on my chromebook, although I get the occasional reminders. We had to use a VPN on all our systems at work- I sort of hated it for many reasons.

      • I think it will take a major issue to get me to use a vpn again. Plus I don’t ever open emails from anyone I don’t know, am not on social media as a presence, etc although none of that is a guarantee…

      • I felt very vulnerable and hadn’t used a VPN before. I’m okay in my own house, it’s just when I was traveling I had issues.

  3. What a pain! I always wonder why things like Spotify get hacked – to what end? I’m sorry for the hassle which seems a little more annoying a day before your trip!

  4. Yikes — what an ordeal, Elizabeth. Thanks for the backstory and the cautionary tale…endless amounts of nonsense…but I’m so glad you were able to tend to the issue swiftly (and kudos to your son for his advice!). 😉

  5. I used VPN overseas. It worked well. After I returned from the Middle East, I had a couple of strange male friend requests from Dubai which I blocked. Just the other day, I was informed on wordpress that an artificial response liked me. I deleted and blocked. They liked my response to the best compliment. I have had 75 likes for this response.

  6. My Twitter was hacked recently and someone tried to unsuccessfully hack my Instagram a few days later. Unfortunately, it’s quite common especially on social media.

  7. If I’ve ever been hacked it was so long ago I’ve forgotten the details. Might have been Facebook. I don’t use VPN or a password manager. People have no shame anymore. They hurt people and don’t care one bit. Scammers stole $400k from my aunt and I swear it killed her. First a bleeding ulcer, then a massive stroke.

  8. You know if all these hackers got together and put their intelligence together on solving our environmental problems, clean water shortages, food supply, homelessness…etc. wouldn’t the world be a better place? Instead they waste hacking your Spotify account to what avail? It’s crazy. Hugs, C

      • If I’m not mistaken, there may be a few who have. Or did I just see that in a movie or TV show?
        I think everyone has been hacked on Facebook. I’ll admit to have a “standard” password that I use almost everywhere, sometimes with just a few variations.
        I’ve already decided to change almost all of my “identifiers” back to using my maiden name now that I’m divorced. I’m not looking forward to how much time and stress will be involved with doing that, but if I get backed before I start that process I can try to look at that as opportunity and incentive to dive into it pretty quickly!

      • I also had a standard password. I’m sure that’s very common. But, I went through and changed everything up. It took hours, but I feel better.

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