Great weekend fun

Desert Trails
Sonoran McDowell Preserve

We had many beautiful walks this weekend. Mainly because it warmed up. I was able to walk without being bundled up in a ski parka and wool cap. I wore a sweatshirt instead.

My dishwasher quit a week ago Friday right before guests came over for appetizers. Saturday we had friends over for Oxtail soup complete with salad, vegetables and a rice dish. That meant a ton of dishes. Lucky me, we have dishwasher in our casita. I had to traipse back and forth with dishes on a tray for the past week.

Finally, this past Friday (a week after it broke down) the repairman came. He did diagnostics and said it would cost $1,000 to fix the dishwasher. I looked at the paperwork the prior owners left us. The dishwasher is around nine years old. Easy decision.

We went shopping Saturday for a new dishwasher. The one I wanted could be delivered in 25 weeks! I thought we were over supply chain issues. I’m not schlepping dishes to and from the casita for half a year. I looked at other brands and they had one dishwasher in stock! Imagine that! I feel like we lucked out.

Sunday I went with a girlfriend to a driving range to hit balls for the first time in years. I couldn’t believe how nervous and shaky I was. Eventually I settled down and hit a few good shots. We chipped and putted. It felt marvelous to be outside having fun on a bright sunny day. My new golf friend also hasn’t golfed for years and we seem to be a good match as far as our golfing skills go.

Sunday morning I got this video of Canadian geese:

I hear the geese before I see them.

What fun things did you do over the weekend?

27 thoughts on “Great weekend fun

  1. I hear you about the dish washer! It’s a nonnegotiable appliance in our house since I’m the main dish washer, and I would not be able to wait 25 weeks for a new one! That’s crazy. We just returned from a visit with our son and it’s pouring rain here, which I love, and my gratitude overflows. We headed up to the lake to enjoy the storm and it delivered! Missed you! Hugs, C

  2. 25 weeks! I’m still spinning that in my head….let’s see….saw 80 for Brady which was silly but great to see older women starring in a movie. Delicious ramen on a cold day. Saw a play, The Wanderers, which was really wonderful. Had dinner with my sister in law and her family. And we watched that j lo rom com shotgun wedding….which was about what you’d expect

  3. 25 weeks seems like a ridiculous amount of time for a dishwasher. Who would do that! I’m dog sitting and it’s been raining here. They were not thrilled to be getting wet yesterday on their walk. At lease we didn’t have to stop at every tree!

    • I thought supply chain issues were over! The saleswoman said it’s still so bad she’s having to call people and tell them they have to wait three or four more months! I like your looking at the bright side of dog walking in the rain.

  4. Our dishwasher broke about 6 years ago. We got an estimate on repair, looked at a replacement, and passed on both. With just two of us, we hand wash. If we have guests, we go paper. If they do not like the casual dining or have an issue with “killing trees”, then they are no longer our friends. This turned out to be a great stress reducer from multiple angles.

  5. Wow that seems like an awfully long time to wait for a dishwasher. What else did it do besides wash dishes? I helped my daughter remove her old bedroom rug and rearrange her furniture this weekend. She got a new bed frame and we took a load of things to her storage area. That was my weekend.

  6. I guess supply chain issues still exist? When our washing machine broke down last year, we experienced the same problem.

    Do you get a lot of Canada geese there? They are here all year. I really like them, but many people here consider them as a nuisance because they poop everywhere.

    • Just once a year I see Canadian geese for a few days. It’s a treat and they seem to prefer the country club development on the other side of our wall. I get to hear and see them, but they stay out of our yard.

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