No, I didn’t watch the Grammy’s. In fact, I didn’t know they were on. I was glancing at news on my laptop yesterday morning and the headline above jumped out at me.

Here’s the song of the year. Warning, it is a tear jerker but a beautiful song.

I’ve been a Bonnie Raitt fan for as long as I can remember! Her first album debuted in 1971. Here’s a LINK to her website with her bio. She’s been inducted into the Hall of Fame and won her 14th Grammy this year.

I wonder if the headline writer who called her an “unknown blues singer” was fired or will be embarrassed for the rest of his or her life?

Here are two songs of hers I like. Yes I owned these albums and played them over and over.

Are you a Bonnie Raitt fan? What are your thoughts about calling her an “unknown blues singer?”

37 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. The writer is no doubt a millennial that considers anything before 2000 an unknown. Never mind that Bonnie was piling up Grammy’s while his Mom was in preschool. For those of us that are of the Boomer era, she is one of the all time greats. Beyonce, Adele and Taylor need to THANK her for opening doors they could later walk through. By the way, this song is great because of the simplicity and the lyrics, not because it revolves around dancing and booty shaking. It deserved the honor.

  2. I don’t know that the headline writer is a millennial, because I know plenty of millennials who are well versed on music genres, but I will say the headline writer is someone who doesn’t know music history or other genres. Raitt, an unknown nobody? C’mon, get out listen to music beyond what Beyoncé, Adele, and Taylor swift put out. Yes, a pretty bad journalism mistake!

      • I hope it’s been fixed by now. I’m suspect it was cutbacks of editing staff. Some guy in a suit saying, “Oh, why would we need proofreader? If we cut, we can save X dollars!” Between cutbacks and DIY journalism, which is both good and bad, it’s hard to really put a lot of faith in journalism today. I know you care about good comms EA – have you heard much about Chatgpt? Wow, not sure what I think of that either!

      • You’re probably correct. Somebody is making decisions about a business they don’t fully understand. I think Chatgpt will eliminate jobs for freelancers and in house reporters. Like order kiosks in fast food restaurants.

  3. I went through the country line-dancing + dive bar dates in the early 80’s and always associate Bonnie with that time. Isn’t the Daily Mail one of those fluff news outlets that the UK loves? I’m not surprised that they assigned a totally clueless person to report on the story.

  4. I do believe I saw that headline writer at the unemployment office! LOL! But seriously, has he been living under a rock. I am by no means a music whiz, I forget singer’s names all the time and names of songs, BUT … I do know Bonnie Raitt! I can just imagine the letters to the editor about that article.

  5. Looks like that article was from the UK which might explain why they don’t know US musicians as well. Still, she’s hardly unknown. We saw Bonnie Raitt with James Taylor a few years ago. She put on a great show. “Something to Talk About” is one of my faves too.

  6. I don’t listen to ‘country’ anymore, but I used to love Bonnie Raitt! I found it curious that they were honoring so many truly good, but older musicians. It’s like they recognized that many famous people are dropping dead and thought they should honor them before they die. Not that I watched that show. The devil/sex performance is pure evil.

  7. I don’t know the headline writer’s intentions, but it did, in fact, entice readers! Maybe they got a raise. No stunts seem considered too preposterous if they make people click.

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