Who are these people?

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Yesterday I went to the post office to mail a package to my son. I waited in line between two people who were sending certified letters. I figured out they were sending their tax returns! On January 11.

What the heck? Who are these people? How can they have their taxes done already? I was mailing pillow cases to go with the sheets I gave my son (I forgot the pillow cases at home) and these other people are done with their taxes?

We don’t have a W-2 yet. I guess I can start organizing what I need. I may get started earlier this year. I usually get them to the CPA in March. I’ll shoot for February this year.

Are you an early tax filer? Or do you wait until the end?

23 thoughts on “Who are these people?

  1. You can send your tax returns if you are not waiting for anything (W-2’s, 1099’s). Maybe they were retired with no income. Maybe they were welfare freaks with no taxable returns. Who knows. Maybe they were corrected returns for 2022. There could be a zillion answers to this question. The better question is, why do so many people wait until April 15th to file and stand in a line two blocks long at the post office?

  2. I get our stuff in to the accountant sometime in March, but he usually files an extension, so we don’t have to pay until Oct. This past year, I got a nice refund. Who’d a thunk…

      • We haven’t had a refund in years…if I’d known that was coming, I would have not waited until Oct. As a self employed carpenter, my income can fluctuate a lot (A LOT!!!) Has taught us to manage our money based upon a 3 year average..Financial stress was intense until finally started doing that.

  3. We begin collecting all the necessary investment paperwork in January and hope to have it to the accountant by sometime in February or early March.

  4. Everyone else is being nice and kind . . . let’s cut to the chase, EA, those customers in front of you were cra-cra-crazy people. I’m kidding, but yes, I’ve never gotten my taxes done that early. I’ll be ecstatic if we hit mid-March, happy if it’s late March, and will have a “yea, that’s what I expected” look if it’s early April. Fun times.

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