Gray day

wet roadway in Arizona.

The wet street outside our house.

It rained all night, but today the rain has stopped and we have a gray cloudy day. We’re supposed to get more rain for the next two days. I hope we do. I find rain in the desert to be exciting and exhilerating.

But the gray cloudy day fits my mood and makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a book and not do anything but read.

I came home from my kids’ homes a week ago and now I feel myself going through bouts of grief and sadness. I guess that’s normal that I’m home without being busy taking care of my kids, walking Waffles, watching movies with them, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning.

There isn’t that much to do here with my husband and me. We don’t eat much and the house, especially the kitchen stays surprisingly clean. I could start the taxes for 2022, but I’m not motivated today.

I think I’ll give into my blahs on this gray day and bury myself with a book. My mom would call a day like this a “mung” day. She would feel no guilt for staying in her nightgown and reading all day.

Does weather affect your mood? How do you feel on gray damp days?

Our front yard after a rainy night. The gravel is a weird color because the yard was sprayed for weeds.

24 thoughts on “Gray day

  1. Your front yard is beautiful, especially the driveway. I like rainy days in Florida also. Today, it is cold-48 this morning. I felt motivated to do my exercises for my right hip, bake some sugarless chocolate cupcakes, do a few household chores and anticipate the week. I do enjoy reading purely for escapism and sometimes to learn something new-like all the things my Smart Watch is capable of. I am happy to be home today! Enjoy the day!

  2. Absolutely the weather can affect my mood, and you have had several additional things on your plate the past few weeks. I would probably drink a lot of hot cocoa, read blogs and nap.

  3. Yes, weather can definitely affect your mood! And there are days where there is nothing wrong with being like your Mom and staying in your pajamas and reading. Be kind to yourself! β€πŸ’™

  4. You know, I actually love London weather. I’m happier when it rains for some reason. Maybe it’s because I love in a tropical country. Anyhoo, your housing area reminds me of the houses in Breaking Bad, for some reason!

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