The final post of 2022 and it’s embarrassing

Olive the cat
Olive the cat is very introverted.

We boarded Olive the cat for our vacation in Palm Springs. I got a call from the boarding place three days into our trip. Olive wasn’t drinking, eating, peeing or pooping.

It’s the first time she’s been at this boarding place, because the one we went to before closed. I was impressed with this new outfit. It was spanking brand new, had huge two and three level kitty suites complete with climbing towers and TVs! Cats can climb up and down through the suite through large holes cut in the platform levels.

I had left Olive with her Rx laxative, kitty soup and dry Friskies. She even had an old smelly t-shirt of my husband’s to make her comfortable. After a few phone calls, the boarding place said they’d take Olive to the vet if she didn’t settle down. They also put her in an empty bathroom, where she’d be all alone.

Our Olive isn’t exactly neurotic, but she’s a loner and trembles and gets frightened of new people and places. You’d think having a friend take care of her in our house would be the ideal situation rather than boarding her. But no, you’d be wrong. As long as my friend’s daughter took care of Olive she was fine when we lived in Palm Springs. The friend’s daughter got scared of Marco — our homeless guy who believed our house was his — so her dad took over Olive duty.

Olive doesn’t like strangers, but really doesn’t like men. The end result of the father taking care of Olive was a urinary tract infection — plus me purchasing two new comforters, sheets and mattress toppers.

I got a call five days into our trip that Olive was doing fine.

Now for the embarrassing part.

On our way home we stopped at the boarding place to pick up Olive.

They gave me her meds, foods and handed me her soft carrier. I insisted it was not the right one. Hers was black, I swore — and the one they tried to pawn off on my was gray with blue piping.

I had four frantic employees opening up every cupboard shelf searching for the black-sided carrier.

Finally, 25 minutes later, we came to the agreement that I’d take Olive home in their hard cased carrier and they’d deliver Olive’s carrier to our house once they figured out what happened to it. Maybe it went home with the wrong cat? Maybe the manager who was trying out new spaces to make Olive comfortable had placed it in a safe place?

Once home I decided to check on Amazon for my purchase of the carrier. This is what I discovered:

I had bought a gray carrier with light blue piping. Not black. I bit the bullet and called and apologized for being totally insane and a pain in the behind. Then I had to drive over there and exchange carriers and apologize profusely.

I realized my error. Waffles the pug and his carrier I bought six years ago. This is what I thought Olive the cat had too. She doesn’t get out much and Waffles get in his carrier daily.

Waffles the pug in 2016 with his black carrier.

Here’s to a New Year and sanity! What are your hopes for 2023?

24 thoughts on “The final post of 2022 and it’s embarrassing

  1. Poor Olive. They say cats can be really finicky and being set in her ways must make changes horrible for her. It sounds like the boarders tried their best with her. I think she’s just trying to tell you that you can never go on vacation again 😉 As to 2023- I have made no plans, have not even thought very much about it in terms of hopes or goals. I’m just carrying on and will see what comes!

  2. LOL, I’ll share a story. My wife had gone to a local shopping center, she calls “The battery in my key fob must be dead, what do I do now?” Me: “at the end of the fob is a metal ring” Her: “yes” Me:”it has metal things on it?” Her:” Yes, the keys?” Me: “Yes, now look at the car door for the key hole” Her: “you ass”

  3. Awww on Olive! I am glad she did end up doing better.
    Oh gosh on the carrier, sorry but I am laughing! Trust me I know the feeling, maybe not doing that exact thing, but several other things that make me doubt my sanity. 🙂 I just blame it on my kids for stealing my sanity from me. LOL!
    Happy New Year!

  4. You crack me up! I do that kind of stuff all the time, insisting on a memory that I have remembered totally wrong! Glad you figured it out and fessed up to the mistake. That’s the best we can do. And that might be a good goal for me in 2023! Figure it out, fess up when I blow it. Hugs, C

  5. Oh, poor Olive. I hope she’s back to feeling safe and secure. Sometimes Cabo gets all stressed out when we board him. He knows all the vet techs and they love him….but the incessant barking of the other boarders seems to really stress his system. As for the carrier mix up…..I’m sure you’re not the first person to make this mistake. 🤪 I’m working on selecting my One Word for 2023 and hoping the year will be kind. 💜

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