Dining out or eating in

For New Year’s Eve, my husband and I indulged with burgers and fries at Big Earl’s Greasy Eats.

What’s in a name? We’ve driven by Big Earl’s Greasy Eats for two years. Finally, we took the plunge and ordered the Big Earl Burgers and fries to take home.

They were just as delicious as a place named Greasy Eats promised. But then I felt sick for the rest of the day. Too much food (or grease) that I ate too fast. I couldn’t eat again for that day.

This was my burger and fries from Big Earl’s.

While we were celebrating Christmas with the family, we cooked and mostly ate in the VRBO. One of the special dishes I liked was roasted vegetables cooked by one of my son’s fiancee’s sisters. It was so delicious I made it at home.

Brussels sprouts, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, bell peppers and carrots tossed in olive oil with fresh rosemary. Roasted in the oven at 400 degrees about 45 minutes.

The roasted veggies made me feel so much better than the burger and fries!

What are your favorite things to cook or what do you like most when you dine out?

27 thoughts on “Dining out or eating in

  1. The roasted veggies look delicious. I will have to try that. One of my favorite dishes to cook I made for New Year’s Day; homemade pea soup with delicious fresh ham and a dollop of sour cream on top. My favorite to eat out is a good juicy hamburger or quiche.

  2. I roast and eat so many varieties and combos of vegetables. They make up most of my weekly meals in some form or other. I have a small satellite restaurant just 2 blocks away. The main and original one is in the next city. It’s a mix of cuisines but everything is full on grease. I ate there once and felt horrible for 2 days. I’ve never gone back.

  3. Happy New Year! Just recently I made up a dish. Sauteed onions, yellow squash, eggplant. Add a can of Mexican diced tomatoes and/or can og stewed tomatoes and then serve over rice. It’s become a staple here now. Thanks for the roasted veggie recipe! Yum!

  4. Hmmm…I just love cooking, but pasta would be my fave. When I eat out I like to try things I would never make at home, or when the dining version is far superior to my homemade

  5. I Love Fresh Veggies and Fruits eat a lot of them. Buying food once in a way. But I mostly cook at home. Slightly boiling Brussel sprouts and with fresh butter is one of my favorites and also Mashed potatoes 🙂

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