Busy days ahead

Waffles the pug

This photo is from this date in 2016. We bought this little guy Waffles for our daughter. She took him home after Christmas break. I picked out his ugly sweater.

Back home after a long weekend in Mexico, I’m feeling overwhelmed. After our morning walk my husband said he wanted to sit down and go over our calendar.

“I have to sit down and write my to do list,” I insisted. “I have so much stuff running through my head I have to write it out.”

My list keeps growing and growing. On my list is writing and addressing Holiday cards for my husband’s business, including packaging and mailing out Frangos. That’s the big project. Then there’s dozens of small one off items to do.

I love going out of town to relax, but why does it seem like I have so much to do — before we leave — and after we get home?

Do you find that too? Or are you able to stay calm and steady around days of vacation?

Family Christmas photo in Palm Springs

Our Christmas crew a few years ago at our Palm Springs home. We’re a family of four and our son’s girlfriend’s family has seven siblings — plus Waffles the pug. We’ll be together again this Christmas week.

22 thoughts on “Busy days ahead

  1. I feel very fortunate to be at a point that almost everyday could be a vacation day in some way if I wanted it to be. I see that you’re focused more on the *getting out of town* sort of vacation and that can definitely have ups and downs. I can still pull the planner/organizer part of myself to the forefront so if need be things would get done, but I’m glad life is way more relaxed at this point!

  2. I like how you socialize with your son’s girlfriend’s family. I love the idea of large holiday gatherings. But I understand your need to write things down. I’m never at ease when it comes to getting ready for holidays or vacations.

  3. Time does fly when you get to “a certain age” and it adds to the stress. Even though we are certainly more efficient (being so experienced at all this), we end up just cramming more to-dos onto the list, instead of relaxing. Sometimes I wonder if people would really notice if we didn’t do some of those things that we out on our shoulders.

    I think it is wonderful that you have a big gathering. It is usually just the two of us, as we don’t have children.

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