A bit of joy

One of our favorite restaurants, Pollo Lucas, across the border at the beach.

Yesterday I went to the YMCA to swim laps. I had to force myself to go because it’s been rainy, cold and gray. Not the ideal weather to jump in. I wanted to talk to the lifeguard, Wendy. I had told her about our Mexican getaway around a month ago.

She wrote down all my information about the rental agent, condo unit, restaurants, etc. Wendy said she was so excited to learn about the beach four hours away. She, like me, is a recent transplant to the Phoenix area.

Wendy made reservations for this past weekend — the same weekend my husband and I were there. I couldn’t wait to hear what she thought of it.

They were traveling with a couple who had recently retired. “Typical story,” Wendy said.”They worked all their life, finally retired and the husband got ALS and is in a wheelchair.”

She explained that her friend’s lives are very hard with the wife as the 24/7 caregiver and both of them homebound. She thought a trip to the beach was exactly what they needed.

I braved the cold to talk to Wendy and swim laps. I was the only swimmer there and had the pool to myself!

Last time we went to Pollo Lucas, this cat was sitting on the windowsill outside the restaurant.

Wendy was ecstatic! She literally thanked and thanked me some more. They loved everything about the beach and her entire family is planning on returning for Christmas. She said her friend with ALS cried he was so overwhelmed with joy.

I feel happy too, like I shared a bit of joy in someone’s life. I also feel good because I managed to get a swim in yesterday.

We did take out. One chargrilled chicken with the trimmings — but they (or we) forgot the rice and beans. This chicken dinner with homemade tortillas, pickled onions and salsa was $9 USD.

What has brought you joy this week? Have you done something that made someone else’s life brighter? What was it?

21 thoughts on “A bit of joy

  1. I really liked my writing homework I did. I told someone is class that they had a really great dialogue section in their piece.

  2. Regarding Joy….found a check in the mail today from our health care insurance..they compensated us for an ambulance bill, they said initially, was not covered, but when I spelled out the reasons why it had to happen, they agreed. Yea :-), and as far as encouraging someone else this week…I try to do that daily @ my new temp job…(verbally)… It’s fast pace work, moral is high, and a little encouragement goes a long way.

  3. This is so heartwarming. Thank you for sharing it. ALS is hard. I don’t know whose day I brightened, maybe my brother’s. He visited yesterday and I was very hospitable, although he got on my nerves a lot I didn’t show my irritation (my brother hasn’t worked for 3 years and can’t seem to find a wife even though he is 37. He doesn’t get along with my single sisters, to the extent that he is currently staying at my married sister’s house. He can’t go back to the US until he finds a place to stay and his budget is very low, he is very lazy and difficult. So I made him feel welcome yesterday. I think I made him happy. Does that count? I mean I love my brother but he is an irritating guest.

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