Are you superstitious?

Angus our yellow lab and Sherman our black cat (RIP.)

Sherman and Angus lived to ripe old ages of 17 and 15 respectively. I was surprised when my husband’s uncle came over years ago and I discovered he was superstitious about black cats.

Yesterday, I was ready to take my daily trip to the post office with my husband’s client gifts. My plan is to go five days in a row with a dozen packages. Any more than that, my mind gets muddled writing addresses and I make mistakes. Plus, the dirty looks from the patrons behind me, isn’t fun. Once I had a woman cursing at me. My daughter was with me and I was afraid she’d beat up the woman attacking her mom. So, 10 to 12 packages gets me under the radar of the impatient. (Boy, do I miss my daughter’s help with this annual project!)

I counted the packages as I put them in bags to carry. 13. I had 13 packages. That wouldn’t do. Why not? I guess I’m superstitious, too. I notice I avoid the number 13 at all costs. I took one package out and saved it for the next day. Whew! That was close.

Are you superstitious? What about? Do you change what you’re doing because of superstitions?

Sherman helping me with my work. Actually, Sherman wanting attention from me and telling me to stop working.

34 thoughts on “Are you superstitious?

  1. Well I definitely don’t avoid black cats, and numbers are just numbers! I might avoid walking under a ladder, but only if someone was cleaning out their gutters of wet leaves. I am reminded of the old saying I heard as a kid- *step on a crack, break your mothers back* That made me aware of the seams where concrete sections meet along sidewalks. I probably avoided them back then- now not so much unless they’re a trip hazard!

  2. I am when it comes to sports. I once wore the same hat during every Kentucky game because when I didn’t they had a bad game. I also have what I call the power of positive negativity. Every time I say publicly that my team is playing badly and will lose they end up winning.

  3. Love your perspective and observations, as usual. My knee jerk reaction would be, no, of course not, how silly. Until realizing, as I read your blog for today, that I do the very same thing as you cited. I definitely am superstitious, and it usually evolves on a daily basis around numbers… I blame Vern Fox and Carol Walker for this obsession. ; ) It can be as mundane as stacking buckets or hay bales in the barn, must be an even number, and if odd it must be prime. LOL! Same at the gas pump, sale digits must be on the tens, ie. $60.00, but if I miss, I quickly rationalize $60.06. After all, there are gas patrons patiently waiting. 🙄😂

  4. Aww on your pets, they lived a good life! But its never long enough for us, is it, we want our pets to live as long as we do!
    I don’t have superstitions but my husband’s grandma was superstitious about everything! She was the sweetest lady but do not walk into her house with the umbrella up. Avoid black cats, don’t walk under a ladder, don’t hand her the scissors the wrong way, and I could go on. Some that i had never heard of before.

  5. I’m not seriously superstitious about anything. My faith doesn’t leave room for superstition. I had a black kitty for 10+years. I wince at the number 666, but it’s not because of superstition….more just the understanding of the context behind it. 💜

  6. I’m not particularly superstitious, but I believe in assuming the best in most every situation, because sometimes a bad things happens but it results in something better or avoiding something worse. I try and keep my thoughts positive, and if I’m having a bad day (voices of unreason raging in my head), I focus on the trees, read a book, play with a child, or pray the rosary! Shuts those bad thoughts right down. Hugs, C

  7. Im superstitious about black cats. They remind me of Salem from Sabrina, so it’s a sign of dark magic for me. However, im not superstitious about the number 13, even though I watched the movie (I think it was called the 13th floor) and it was quite creepy. In fact, my son was born on February 13th at 10:30 pm. He was almost born on valentines day lol

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