A fresh start

My new laptop

Last week I got my new laptop. My new glasses also came in. I am thrilled to see through glasses without scratches. Such a joy. The optometrist told me that my right eye has gotten a little worse since my cataract surgery pre COVID. But my left eye is the same. I’ve always had trouble with the right eye not being able to focus due to a hole in my retina. I think it’s congenital and I’ve had it checked through the years and it hasn’t gotten any worse. Thank goodness!

Here’s the deal. With my new computer and better vision I have started on draft number two of my manuscript that disappeared off my old laptop. I’ve roughed out a chapter outline and worked on my characters to add more depth. It was a manuscript I wrote for NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month where you write 50,000 of a rough draft in the month of November.

I put off working on rewriting the draft until the new computer came in. Files continued to disappear from my old laptop. I didn’t have the desire or energy to get all worked up if I happened to lose another draft.

Which reminds me. I need to order a new back up drive!

Are you working on any new or old projects that you’re excited about? What are they?

My new glasses without scratches in my line of vision!

26 thoughts on “A fresh start

    • Sorry, didn’t mean to shout. I use am external hard drive and leave it in all the time on my main computer. I use one on my laptop too but usually do a backup once or twice a week since I don’t put much new stuff on there. Have fun!

  1. OMG E, I just purchased the exact same computer about two months ago, same color too! And our glasses are almost identical except mine are all scratched up! Maybe I’ll follow your lead and go get new ones! I’m overdue. Hugs, C

  2. New glasses are so good! New computer probably does everything fast (for now). I recently had a cousin who lost several novels in a computer crash. I’m always bumfuzzled when I hear that. I even print out some of my drafts, because I like editing in hard copy. Several backups at various stages. Daily backup to one.

    I’m too busy for a new project right now!!

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