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I grew up reading Anne books. My mom gave me her worn copy of “Anne of Avonlea” when I was young. The book was a Christmas present to her in 1944 from my mom’s cousin according to the inscription inside the cover.

Soon I was buying my own Anne books by L.M. Montgomery beginning with “Anne of Green Gables” and ending with “Anne of Ingleside.” I love these books. I read them over and over. I loved the countryside of Prince Edward Island. I loved Anne’s friends when she went off to college. I enjoyed her children’s adventures after she married to Gilbert.

“Chronicles of Avonlea” and “Further Chronicles of Avonlea” were collections of short stories where Anne played a small role, but the stories focused on characters in her small town. I remember feeling like I knew these people.

I discovered the biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery through a blog post. I ordered the book and have been waiting to read it as soon as I finished my assigned book club book, which I did over the weekend.

“House of Dreams: The Life of L.M. Montgomery” is a YA biography and an easy read. I’m finding it fascinating how many of the characters in her book were taken from her life. If you’re an Anne fan, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Inside the book “Anne of Avonlea” that my mother gave me when I was young.

I’m sticking with book club for the time being. June’s book is called “The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell” by Robert Dugoni. At first I wasn’t interested in reading it and I was annoyed it was so long. I gave it a try and it was an enjoyable book with short chapters. The story is about a boy growing up in California, going to an all boys Catholic school. He was discriminated against because he was born with red eyes (due to Ocular albinism.)

Were you an Anne of Green Gables fan? What were your favorite books to read when you were growing up? What are you reading now?

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  1. I’ve never read Anne of Green Gables, but my youngest daughter loves to watch Anne with an E, which is a remake of the book on Netflix. She doesn’t read much, so I’m glad she can see what it’s like through the show.

    • Book clubs seem to be popular. I’ve had friends who belong to them for decades. I never wanted to join one until now. I thought it would be a good way to meet people in my new state.

  2. I’m in a virtual book club with a bunch of family members located all over the US. Our next book is The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. I haven’t started it yet! And I loved Anne! 💕C

    • I’m glad to hear you’re a kindred spirit and loved Anne too! A virtual book club sounds like a fun idea. I laughed while reading the biography of L.M. Montgomery. One of the chapters talked about the Simpsony Simpsons.” My son’s better half is a Simpson. She’s one of seven siblings who are all athletes, musicians and brilliant. They’re an overwhelming group and decidedly “Simpsony.”

  3. I never was an Anne of Green Gables girl. Right now I am reading a nonfiction book about American journalist in Europe between the world wars.

    I have book clubbed over the years and made some good friends that way. But I have reached the point where I no longer go. I wanted to talk about books but found my groups had become wine/whine clubs with most folks not reading the book.

    • That sounds like a fascinating book. That would be annoying to not discuss the books. We have a couple people who started the bookclub 15 years ago and they run a tight ship. They call on us individually and ask questions.

  4. Today, the husband and I were out and about. We stopped at a library and I picked up some hardcopies of books by J.D. Robb. Her setting is in NY and I enjoy her series. I was glad to have a hardback book, again in hand, instead of kindle.

  5. I’m not an Anne fan (not that I don’t like the books, I just haven’t read them) but I did enjoy The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, which I read a while ago for our book club. Once again, it’s probably a book that I wouldn’t have read on my own but, because of my book club, I was introduced to a book I enjoyed.

  6. I just read this! I didn’t know about her personal struggles. Believe it or not, I never read Anne of Green Gables – I’m going to try to get to that this year 🙂

    • It seems to me that she had seasonal affective disorder. There are a number of Anne books that I like more than Anne of Green Gables including Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island and Anne’s House of Dreams. There I gave you four more to read 🙂

  7. Maybe it’s just me but one of the benefits I get out of my book club’s selections is often an interest in learning more about the author. Maybe because I’m sort of an “armchair psychologist” and look for facets of the author’s personality, history, etc. in their works. It’s especially interesting when an author’s works vary from each other, like two I’ve read by Amor Towles.

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