What makes you happy 2.0

Puerto Penasco sunset
Sunset in Mexico in the Gulf of California.

A year ago today I wrote a blog post “What Makes You Happy.” You can read it HERE. You’ll notice a link to one of our favorite bloggers, LA.

In last year’s post, I included a list of things that made me happy. I thought I’d take a look and see if I can add to it this year. This is what I wrote last year.

This morning I was writing my daily morning pages and I wrote a long list of things that make me happy. I woke up feeling a little down, so my brilliant idea was to focus on what brings me joy and incorporate the things on my list in my daily life — or at least weekly. I had quite a list.

A few of the items were:

A trip to the ocean

A good night’s sleep

Working on a project I’m proud of

Spending time with family and friends

Swimming in the nearby lake

Swimming laps at the city pool

Reading a good book

Catching up with friends via the phone


What can I add to the list? Here’s What Makes Me Happy 2.0:

Visits from my kids

Inviting friends over for dinner


The Desert Botanical Garden

Musical Instrument Museum

Going to Costco with my husband and stocking up

Watching baby quail

Morning walks

Sunsets and sunrises

Reading blogs from my blogging community

Watching Olive the cat play

What makes you happy?

Do you find time to incorporate these treats into your weekly lives?

Olive playing with her catnip mouse.

28 thoughts on “What makes you happy 2.0

  1. That is a good list. I think what makes me most happy is unexpected surprises: serendipities when they are least expected. If you read my blog, you know I don’t like to return to a place once I leave or finish, so returning twice to the school was somewhat stressful for me. Having visitors during the summer is somewhat stressful but they will also bring unexpected serendipities and a much needed visit. By returning to the school when I did not have to probably made me a few more friends or gained a few allies which makes me happy! Enjoy the summer!

  2. Reading, film, walk through botanic garden and museum, cooking, texting besties…and yes…I try to do as many as possible each week!

  3. I’m really happy when I have “alone ” time. Time that requires no background noise, does not require ticking boxes off the Must Do List, and requires not working around others. It allows me to be as busy or as lazy as I please and there is no need for compromises. Sometimes, we get so busy living we forget to breath.

      • I strongly suggest you have several discussions with your spouse re what you each expect from his retirement. It will probably be an iterative process and ongoing discussion after it starts. Several of my friends and especially me discovered that, although our spouses at first acted like they wanted to do a lot of things together, especially travel, their behaviors overtime showed they did not and we tried to adjust accordingly. Thank God for good girlfriends.

      • I agree with you. I was seeing a therapist for my driving anxiety and she brought up that question about my husband’s retirement. She warned me, “You do not want to become your husband’s hobby.”

  4. Forgot to add what makes me happy. Reading any and everything but especially books and blogs. I learn a lot from both and both are able to take me away, like the old Calgon commercials!

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