Feeling a little blue

mother and daughter
Mother Daughter photo.

I miss my mom. She passed away New Year’s day this year. I’ve been really busy and have felt pretty good most of the time. But today it hit me.

My daughter warned me that grief will come in waves. She lost a close friend to suicide not long ago and has struggled through her grief. She said just like waves come in sets, so does grief.

I was running errands and stopped to pick up mail before I drove home. There was a dear letter from my aunt (my mom’s little sister) that included a booklet about Heaven. There was also mail from CenterPoint church in Utah, where my husband’s childhood best friend is pastor and founded the church.

The letter from my aunt was encouraging me to reflect on my mom being in a better place. The synchronicity of receiving these letters and booklet gave me chills and warmed my heart. It was not a coincidence. I got the message right when I needed it.

What is the difference between coincidence and synchronicity?

Coincidence and synchronicity are related but distinct terms. The term “coincidence” describes a seemingly related series of events that occur without apparent cause. The term “synchronicity” requires that the individual ascribe deeper meaning to the coincidence; indeed, Carl Jung described synchronicity as “meaningful coincidences.”


What are your thoughts about coincidence and synchronicity? Do you have any examples that have happened to you? I wrote about it a few months ago HERE.

24 thoughts on “Feeling a little blue

  1. I tank a lot about this. At this moment in time I think it’s about being open to something…but I have a post scheduled around this idea, so hopefully by the time I write it I’ll have my thoughts in order

  2. I’ve seen both in my life though I’d be hard pressed to remember a specific example. But it does seems like a message from beyond to give you peace. Sending you hugs my friend

  3. First, I totally get what you are feeling. I can burst into tears while walking the dog if a Dean Martin song comes on my playlist. I miss my mom too. It was a year on the 14th of January. Second, I have had that synchronicity experience. I wrote about it on my blog. I had chosen the word Believe as my word of the year and we were going through a difficult time financially and my husband was having some problems physically. We were walking around Reno and we came across a huge metal sculpture that spelled out the word Believe. I broke down and cried. I knew it was a sign. Here’s my post if you’re interested. https://scr4pl80.com/2017/06/07/in-tune-with-june-believe-it-or-not/

  4. I had one of my cats put down a while back and I was devastated. Then, I suddenly saw a Rainbow and was reminded she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I don’t think it was Coincidence though, I look at it as a Godly Reminder.
    Peace to you at this time.

  5. I’ve read about 1/2 of that book by Randy Alcorn. Totally opened my eyes to things right under my nose in the Bible. Having said that, Not sure how I would (will) respond when I am in your situation. Both of my parents are still on this side of eternity, but dad has been in a significant decline for a while now. Rooting for you when those wave slam into you. Thank you for writing about this. DM

  6. Condolences on your mom’s passing. The grieving will certainly be a process. Be kind to yourself.

    I find synchronous events happening to me often. I can’t explain them. I do cherish them.

  7. Warm thoughts and (((huge))) Grief does indeed come in waves.
    How comforting that you got those precious pieces of mail when needed. Do not believe it was a coincidence. God knew what you needed. I am not saying that there isn’t ever coincidences but I think more often than not, there is a reason things happen! I like to call them God momemts. ❤

  8. Oh my goodness, I’m just running through your posts, one at a time, and the previous post I write about my mother. Is that a coincidence or synchronicity? I think both. I thoroughly enjoy seeing aspects of my mother appear in the mirror of myself. Look for her within. Hugs, C

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