A beautiful start to the day

mule deer

We spotted this mule deer on our morning walk.

I did a double take on our morning walk. We were on a cul-de-sac and I saw in the distance what I thought was a statue of a deer. I wondered when the neighbors put it up?

Then the ears twitched and I realized “WOW! It’s alive.”

I’m always surprised when I encounter wildlife in our neighborhood. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to it?

This deer didn’t seem afraid of us and I crept closer and closer to get a photo. She didn’t move.

My husband commented on how secure the deer seemed.

“Well, it’s very nice neighborhood with very little crime,” I said. We left the deer alone after I got some good photos and continued on our walk.

What delightful surprises or sights have you had lately?

34 thoughts on “A beautiful start to the day

  1. Last couple of days we have been building a hayloft in an Amish built barn. The farmer has probably 20 laying hens of various breeds. When we walked in the barn yesterday, the sun was shining down on that colorful assortment of birds. The vibrant colors would have made for a photo on the cover of a magazine. We’re going back next week. Hoping to get a photo op.

  2. Hmmm….my daughter is completely stressed right now so I told her if I can help, I’ll help. For part of her thesis she’s comparing two groups. While she has plenty of media about one of the groups, she’s had trouble getting a point of contact for that group. She asked if I could find info for an actual contact not their media page. I had an idea how to get info but I didn’t think it would work, so yesterday I was surprised to discover someone from the organization emailed me and I had contact info….how’s that?

  3. Seeing mostly our typical wildlife lately, although on my way to Trader Joe’s recently I passed a field with 3 huge pot belly pigs ambling around looking for food. Also one of the couples who live in my complex is slowly putting out their furniture near the curb with free signs on it– like the last 4 days there’s been furniture out there. I’m pretty sure they’re moving but haven’t had a chance to ask. I wonder what they are sitting on right now??

      • Maybe- but they have talked about moving prior to this. I put two really nice adjustable fans out with a free sign last fall and they were gone almost before I got back inside!

  4. Surprises? Yesterday as I left the house for the doggie walk, I saw a HUGE pile of trash at the nearest intersection, like someone had tipped a trailer in that spot thinking it was a waste dump. I was pretty angry, but what surprised me was this: when I got back from walking the dog a half hour later, the sanitation department had already cleaned it up…spiffy like, and this was at just after 7AM!! I know it was them and not a good Samaritan because I watched the truck pull away. I was flabbergasted. Of course, Florida is not a Union State, so that would explain the effort.

      • I probably shouldn’t tell you that where I grew up we couldn’t wait every fall to go deer hunting. Now, I was never much of a hunter . .but I did fall in love with deer. Beautiful creatures . . . much prefer shooting them via camera now. Ha, ha.

      • Where I grew up in WA deer hunting was popular too. I have a friend in Palm Springs who goes on hunting trips from Montana to Australia and gives us venison. I was surprised that it tastes so good. He uses a bow and arrow.

      • Yes, I went a few years as a kid and then when my son asked. The thing people don’t realize is it can get expensive quickly. I was always amazed by the bow hunters … takes a lot of skill. I was okay with the idea … just never really loved it. And you’re right, venison (esp venison jerky) is very good.

      • Oh, I didn’t even think of that. Oh, I have a feeling a lot … just in sending it across the world to you. Ha, ha, plus, I wonder what kind of deer. Maybe somewhat similar to what you see in Arizona but I suspect different from what I’m used to. Interesting!

      • If I remember correctly it was a Red Deer. He flew to Australia, hired a guide, and brought the venison home on his flight home. Pretty pricey per pound!

  5. I don’t know why but a deer sighting always delights. I’ve officially become my mother and those very words that would make me cringe as a teenager, make smile as an adult. Hugs, C

  6. “Well, it’s very nice neighborhood with very little crime”—this made me laugh! It’s always nice to see nature in our own neighborhoods, it reminds us we aren’t as far from it as we like to think.

  7. That’s wonderful! I’ve been housebound since Sunday because I’m sick with bronchitis, but on Saturday (the day I started coughing actually) I visited my brother and he took us on a car ride and we saw goats and horses and cows (didn’t get to take a picture of the cows though). I posted on Instagram.

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