It’s about time

sunglasses and glasses with shoes.
My broken sunglasses, scratched glasses and sunglasses without bifocals I wear hiking.
I like the shoes on the temples. They’re essential don’t you think?

I’m finally going to the optometrist. I am horrible about taking care of myself as far as going to doctors. I have a fear that they will find something seriously wrong with me.

After years of taking my kids to doctors, I got in the habit of not going myself. My son had allergies and asthma and we were at his doctor’s office twice a week for shots. And that doesn’t count every time he got sick, which was often.

I finally went to an ophthalmologist right before COVID hit when my Rx for contacts and glasses lasted less than six months before my vision got blurry. While driving, I noticed a pyramid of three stop signs. I’d look at the moon and see three moons racked up like they were ready for a pool cue. And yes, did I mention I was driving?

I view my cataract surgery as a blessing. I have almost perfect vision after my adult life of 20/1600 vision, hard contact lenses and coke bottle glasses. My optometrist had me in a “piggy back” approach. Contact lenses with glasses on top for when I really wanted to see.

For the past few months I’ve been struggling with my vision. Post cataract surgery, I have a very small correction on my glasses with bifocals for reading. But there is a scratch on both lenses right smack in my field of vision. I have to push up my glasses and hold onto them to read. It’s beyond annoying.

The final straw was my Rx sunglasses with bifocals broke at the hinge. I decided to find an optometrist here in my new town and get new glasses. Maybe they can fix my sunglasses. We have a vacation coming up in August at the beach. My favorite thing to do is sit at the beach, watch the waves and read. That was what motivated me to make an appointment.

What is your vision like? How long have you worn glasses or contacts? Do you need readers now?

I’m envious of people who never have had to wear glasses.

blue shoes on sunglasses
My sunglasses with blue shoes.

23 thoughts on “It’s about time

  1. Most of my school and adult life, I had myopia do at first wore glasses and then contacts. After my cataract surgery, I just need reading glasses.

  2. In fifth grade we realized I was near sighted. Wire glasses till 14, then contacts till 54ish, then I switched to glasses. I don’t need reading glasses yet…👍

  3. My eyes have run the gambit from about 4th grade. I remember I couldn’t wait to get contacts…until seasonal allergies made them nearly impossible with itching eyes all the time. I too had cataract surgery- about 6 years ago. Driving in the dark with glare and blur was my first indication of an issue. I opted for readers after, but then that was a hassle at work so I just settled on full time wear (no correction) but with the bifocals built in. Now that I’m home all the time maybe I need to think about a simple reader again hanging from a chain around my neck!

    • I think lens implants should be covered by medical insurance without having cataracts. As for readers on a chain, I kept smashing them carrying things around the house like laundry.

      • I know some people who will just flip their readers up onto their head when not needed. Mine would never stay there or ended up in places I didn’t want them to be. Amazon sells multi-packs of readers. I suppose I could buy 10 or so and leave a pair in every room 😉

      • I have a small correction so I wear bifocals. I tried the readers with contacts and it didn’t work for me. Go for the 10 pack 🙂

  4. I’ve had glasses since 3rd or 4th grade. In 7th I got contacts and wore them most of my adult life. I’m nearsighted so don’t need them for reading and in fact at about age 50 when I had my contacts on I couldn’t read so for a while I was wearing one contact in my right eye for distance and a different one in my left eye for near. Sounds weird but it worked for a while. When I started working from home I didn’t need to have my contacts on since I wasn’t going anywhere so started just wearing distance glasses. I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair too. Love your shoes!

    • Aren’t those shoes adorable? My story is similar to yours. I lost my nearsightedness and ability to read with the cataract surgery. My mom had the two different contacts for awhile. Now she’s 90 she wears glasses.

  5. My eyes started failing when I was in grad school and had a ton of reading to do. Of course I didn’t go to grad school until I was in my mid forties! Now I wear glasses almost all the time! It’s so easy, I just have to keep them clean! Hugs, C

  6. I have never seen glasses wearing shoes before! I have an appointment this month with an ophthalmologist to discuss cataract surgery (fingers crossed). I’ve worn glasses to see distances for a long time. I used to be able to read without glasses with no problem. Now, I still read without glasses but it’s not as clear. If I get the surgery, I hope to get the type of lenses that allow me to see distances (especially for driving) and close-up. I have friends who have that and they love them.

    • My old optometrist had the glasses with the shoes. I thought they were so much fun. I wasn’t able to get the lenses for driving and close up because I was out of the range with my severe myopia.

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