We’re in trouble now!

The wall to the right is where we hide the trash bins.

We got a letter from the Homeowner’s Association. It was puzzling to say the least.

Make that damn irritating — not puzzling.

This letter is being written on behalf of the Community Association. In a continuing effort to maintain community enjoyment and high property values, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure the governing documents are enforced.

It was noted that you are storing your trash bin, visible from neighboring property. All trash bins should be stored as to not be visible from neighboring property, with the exception of placement for collection.

Yes. That was written in BOLD!

We have a block walled-off area where our storage bins are stored (see the photo above). I don’t think the neighbors can see through the block wall.

I looked at the date of the violation. It was the day we left for Mexico — Thursday. Trash pick up is on Friday. According to the rules, you can take your trash out the evening before. I took the trash bin to the curb before we left. It was several hours before evening. I asked a neighbor to drag the trash can back up the driveway Friday afternoon so we wouldn’t break any rules.

Little did I know that taking the trash out a few hours too early would result in a sternly worded letter! And a warning that if we didn’t fix the problem we’d be fined! I was only trying to save my neighbor the task of taking my trash out in the first place down our long driveway.


So, who turned me in? This is the first time I’ve felt uncomfortable in my new digs.

Do you have HOA rules where you live? What are your thoughts about the warning letter? Do you think they should have waited before issuing a warning to see that the trash can was put away out of sight?

14 thoughts on “We’re in trouble now!

  1. We intentionally moved OUT of an HOA area and into one without JUST because of this stupidity. You pay half a mil for your house only to have someone else measure your grass, tell you the paint colors you can use, what type of fence to use, when you can take the trash to the curb, and criticize the cleanliness of your driveway?? We live in a country that allows free choice, why would I live in a neighborhood that takes it away?

  2. That’s excessive. Any HOA that is so rigid, or that at the very least doesn’t take the time to personally ask why before sending “the letter” is not a place I want to live. While I don’t necessarily want to live next door to a purple house, or to someone who parks cars on their lawn I also don’t want to be regulated to death.

  3. Ridiculous. Is there someone who drives around looking for infractions like this? Would not like to live in a place like that. I’d forever be wondering who was spying on me.

    • There’s someone from the property management company who drives around twice a month. But it could be a neighbor who complained, too. I’m definitely wondering who is spying on me!

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