Morning views from the neighborhood

Sunrise filtered through the branches of an Ironwood tree.
Sunrise view from the casita.

It takes a trip out of state to an entirely different environment for me to appreciate the beauty of my desert. I get used to it and lose some appreciation, but a trip away wakes up my senses. As I walked this morning around our neighborhood I was struck by the views of cactus, mountains and shrubbery. I like it out here. I’d like to see more some wildlife, too.

Mountain north of Scottsdale.
The mountain to the north. I think it’s called Black Mountain. I’m working on learning the names.
teddy bear cholla.
Teddy bear cholla with the sun peaking through clouds.
Cloudy sky in the desert.
Clouds. We should have an amazing sunset tonight.
saguaro with arms
A neighbor’s saguaro. We have lots of saguaro but only one has an arm.
A wash in the Sonoran Desert.
One of the things I love best about our neighborhood is all the open natural space.

What are some of the things you like best about where you live?

15 thoughts on “Morning views from the neighborhood

  1. I like the small town community feel. Lots of neighborly friendliness. We are close to SF so if I want to see the big city hustle and bustle it’s easy enough to do. We don’t very often. I am envious of your unobstructed views (except for the nature). We have so many power lines crisscrossing our sky that it is hard for me to take good pictures of our beautiful skies.

    • I like where my kids live in Berekely, too for the small town feel. We are 30 minutes from the city of Phoenix and Scottsdale when we want to go to games, theater, shopping etc. which we don’t very often, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

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