Onions and garlic

onions and garlic heads in wooden box on table
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This past week I heard two things about onions and garlic that I never knew before. Actually, I need more information because I don’t understand the reasons behind the suggestions I got about onions and garlic.

With my husband sick, I made him chicken soup with lots of garlic and onions. I divided the soup into a portion for me and one for him in tupperware that I left on the front steps for him to pick up. It was delicious and I cooked a second batch yesterday afternoon.

One friend told me that her mother-in-law would place sliced onions throughout all the rooms of the house when somebody was sick. She did that decades before COVID, but I’m wondering, what would it hurt? Then again, what would the purpose be?

I talked to another friend and she asked me for my recipe for chicken soup. I explained that it’s quite simple:

4 chicken thighs with skin and fat

5 cloves of garlic minced

1 large onion sliced

baby carrots and chopped celery

1 box of unsalted chicken broth, add equal parts water

Put in a pot and cook until done. Salt and pepper to taste.

My own throw it together chicken soup recipe

That’s it. My “throw it in a pot chicken soup recipe.” My friend suggested that I let the sliced onions and chopped garlic hang out together before cooking them.

“Why?” I asked.

She explained that it brings out healthful “properties” in the onion and garlic when they mingle.

However, I do not know what these properties are or how hanging out together changes anything. A quick google did not help. But I tried it anyway, I left the garlic and onions together on the cutting board to blend and rest together before throwing them in my new big red soup pot from Target.

I did find out that garlic and onions are in the same family and they are helpful anti cancer foods:

The Allium genus includes garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, and chives. These vegetables are popular in cuisines worldwide and are valued for their potential medicinal properties. Epidemiologic studies, while limited in their abilities to assess Allium consumption, indicate some associations of Allium vegetable consumption with decreased risk of cancer, particularly cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. 


What do you know about garlic and onions and their healing properties? Would you put slices of onions around the house when someone is sick? Do you think it kills a virus, or the virus is attracted to onions and is absorbed by them? I remember reading about placing sliced raw onions in a sick persons socks. Maybe there is something to this?

Rachel Ray red soup pot from Target.
My new soup pot in the Casita bubbling with homemade chicken soup.

22 thoughts on “Onions and garlic

  1. I know this from one article I read that cut onions have the property to trap germs. So leaving out cut onions can reduce the risk of illness. By the same logic, eating cut onions that’s been sitting exposed to the air isn’t a good idea as it has trapped germs in it! All this I got from the article I read some time ago. It hasn’t been verified by me.

  2. I know garlic has something in it that rids something in your body…not just vampires, but I’m assuming it’s where that particular take sprouts from. Never heard that about onions. There’s really no good way to get over a cold, but I am a believer in warm baths and anything that makes your nose run

  3. My Mom always covered our chests in gobs of Vic’s Vapor Rub, then she would tie a scarf around our necks for extra warmth. To this day I rub on the Vic’s at the first sign of a cold, I believe it is more reminiscent of my Mom, then it serves any medicinal purpose. But, what the hell, memories of Vic’s and chicken soup aren’t so bad? Hugs, C

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