So far, so good

My husband is recovering from Omicron. He’s up and around — but not anywhere near me. I’m hanging out in the casita. I discovered things the casita needs to make it truly a separate living space from the rest of the house. I’m enjoying setting it up.

cat on a dresser with ceramic cat
Olive in the casita.

Amazing that you don’t realize what is lacking until you live in a space for a few days. For example, the casita now boasts dish towels, oven mitts, real dishes, a bath mat, condiments, laundry soap, trash bags, aluminum foil and clear wrap. Lots of little things to make it functional.

My apologies to previous guests who’ve stayed in our casita. It was really more of a glorified bedroom. Now, it’s a complete living space — and we’ll never even have to interact with our guests again. Just kidding.

I’ll be in this space for the next five days while my husband is quarantining. I didn’t want to traipse into the kitchen whenever I needed something, because he’s been in and out of the kitchen for a week with COVID. Something I’ve heard about Omicron is that it stays on surfaces. I have no idea if this is true or not. Have you heard that? But, thanks to my sister-in-law’s suggestion, I bought Clorox wipes. I got those at Target along with everything else.

I was fighting myself on the first night to not go into the master bedroom to check on my husband, and to stay out of the kitchen. He was so sick and in so much pain, I decided it wasn’t worth it to get it, too. So, here I sit in my own little space. The casita was a life-saver when we moved in because we bought the furniture from the prior owners. Our furniture didn’t arrive with us, so at least we had a place to sleep!

The casita is connected to the rest of the house by a hallway. It has it’s own vents, heat and air, so I’m not being infected with my husband’s germs. Kitty Olive has decided this is a good place to be, so I got her cat food, litter box and cat grass and she’s hanging out with me.

Have you or family members quarantined with other people in the house? How did you manage? Have you thought about preparing a place for someone who gets sick to be separated from the rest of the family? Why do you think some people in the same family get COVID, while others do not?

kitchen with yellow oven mitts and dishtowels.
Getting the casita stocked and organized. Like the oven mitts and dish towels?

25 thoughts on “So far, so good

  1. We literally can’t quarantine separately. However, not to spill too much dirt, not all members of our household got sick even though we were all together. As the cdc changes rules every day as to what is supposed to happen we were at a loss. However we single handedly kept the at home test market in business

  2. I can’t figure rhyme or reason why some get it and others don’t. That was our experience the first time. This time, we all got it. I had one thought, for myself. The day I got sick, I woke up feeling fantastic. I decided to go for a long walk and did a 10 mile loop. It had been awhile since I’d gone that far and maybe I used the energy my body had been using until then to fight off the ickies? It’s just a thought. I got home and had chills and body aches within hours and I’m still not 💯. That was 9 days ago!

  3. Glad he is doing better. We had a similar situation in December 2019 when my husband got it but the rest of us (me and 2 adult kids) did not. We had to share the same kitchen and bathrooms but wore masks all the time and used sanitary wipes. It must be the immune system…or God.

  4. I have often thought that anyone who rents a place or ever has overnight guests, should try it out themselves a night or two. Is the bed comfortable? Is there enough light control at night? Are there items needed that would make their stay more comfortable?

    I’m glad your husband is feeling better and that you (and the cat 🙂 ) have avoided the virus.

  5. I actually had the privilege of staying in your Casita and it was quite comfortable, though I didn’t have to cook, so didn’t notice those details were missing. Glad Bill is on the mend.

    • We loved having you. Yes, it’s set up for someone to cook and live here now. Robert may stay for awhile because his house has different levels and he’s been sleeping and working in his living room post surgery.

  6. As someone who’s just learning to cook and bake, I have to say that kitchen in the casita looks mighty cosy. Great to hear that both of you are coming along fine, and wishing your husband a speedy recovery!

  7. What a great set up you have especially when dealing with a COVID positive patient! So far both my husband and I have never been sick or tested positive ~ yet! I don’t know how we would quarantine? Or is it like the chicken pox, better to get exposed and get it over with? The information is contradicting and confusing. Hope the hubby feels better soon! xxoo, C

  8. I’d love to have a getaway in my house where I can go away from others, but sadly in Lebanon, there is no such thing. My brother in law got covid and so he was quarantined from the extended family but his wife and kids had to stay with him because men here can’t take care of themselves and they need their wives to wait on them (insert eye roll) so his wife and kids caught covid from him. They’re all better now but still. If my husband caught covid, I would want to go to my parents, but then it means I was in contact with him before his symptoms showed and I wouldn’t want to pass it on to my family so I would try to sleep in a different room and use a different bathroom. Oh yeah, I already do that 😆 my husband is against the vaccine so he didn’t take it. I took both but the booster isn’t ready yet. I’m not sure I will take it

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