What a week

Sunrise in Berkeley from the front steps
Sunrise from my son’s porch Thursday morning.

I arrived in Berkeley Saturday night to help my son for a week post surgery.

I called my husband repeatedly who remained at home. Normally, I talk to him lots of times each day when we’re apart. Even when he went into an office for work, we called each other several times a day. When I hadn’t heard from him in 20 hours — I was worried.

Finally, he called me back and he sounded horrible. He said his throat felt like razor blades and he was congested and had aches and pains.

He called his doctor for an appointment when he felt even worse. No appointments available for two weeks. You know where this is headed, right? He found a tele-med appointment and called me Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m. — after his appointment. The diagnosis was Omicron. (Razor blades painful sore throat is the number one symptom.)

I was sitting in my son’s house with the kids begging me not to go home to my COVID-infected husband and house. They want me to stay. I’m sure my son and his girlfriend welcome my help, but don’t want me to catch the virus, either.

I’m terribly worried about my husband all alone in the state of Arizona with COVID. He’s already sicker than I remember him ever being.

We’ve been double vaxxed and boosted.

The kids received rapid tests from Amazon and they made me take one. It was the longest ten minutes waiting for the line to appear on the test.Two lines COVID, one line Negative. I cooked my son his slow cooking oats — waiting for the results to show.


My husband works remotely from home. I’m home all the time. We’re together whenever we go out — at least this has been our standard operating procedure since COVID hit the country and we moved to a new state. How did my husband get it and not me?

I went back and forth on whether I should stay in California for a few more days, or whether I should take a flight back immediately. I finally decided to stick to the original plan and to take my noon flight home today. I’ll take a Lyft from the airport and move into the casita. Hopefully far enough away to not catch Omicron, but close enough to be there if my husband needs medical help.

What a stressful scary day. The other weird thing is when COVID hit so close, I felt like we had done something wrong. Like we’re guilty or dirty. I never felt that way with the flu or a cold. I think it’s because there’s so much politics going on with this virus.

If anyone in your family or close friends have gotten COVID, did they have a mild case or was it severe? How long did the symptoms last? Did part of your family get it but not everyone?

26 thoughts on “What a week

  1. I hope he feels better soon.
    My daughter caught it after the holidays. We’ve all been vaccinated and boosted.
    They claim we should all be expecting to catch this variant, therefore you’re not “dirty.” It’s, unfortunately, everywhere.

  2. Firstly, we have had some gorgeous skies here lately! Second, my husband got Covid in December of 2019 and none of the other three of us who live in the same house got it. We all tested negative. We are all vaxed and boosted now. Mom came to our house on Christmas and was fine. One week later she was in the ER not able to breathe and they said she had Covid. We all got tested again since we were with her the week before and we all tested negative. Sadly, it progressed to pneumonia and she refused to take any kind of meds or treatment and passed this morning. I am not sure if my sister’s family (mom lives with them) got tested but I know that they had the J & J single dose and don’t know if they were boosted. I definitely understand about the “feelings” around it. Do I “blame” my sister and her family for exposing mom? Trying not to. Who knows how this thing works. It’s kind of like lice. You always think “dirty” but I have to admit that when my kids were little they got it too and we are not dirty. It just happens.

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