Out of sorts…

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Everything and everyone is irritating me today. I think it’s a mixture of one part grieving and two parts too many interruptions. I have had more than a week straight of guests, visits with friends, preparing meals for guests. I just want to get back to my normal, quiet life.

Yesterday was a day of constant interruptions. Have you ever had one of those days where the phone rings nonstop? And people in your house need your attention while you’re on the phone? That’s what yesterday was like for me. And I have this extra long list of things to do before tomorrow when our new friends come for the funeral. But I keep getting pulled away from my list, so I feel out of control. I’d like to sit outside and finish my book — or go back to bed and start the day over.

I’m trying to print something out for my husband, who just interrupted me. Paper jam. Go figure.

I have to be very careful today. I do not want to act irrationally or snap at my husband. Everybody is getting on my nerves. I can say it’s a good thing my dad returned home to Palm Springs yesterday. I think when my house is empty, when the funeral is over, I can exhale and decompress.

I think my aggro mood is rooted in the death of our best friend and not having the space, quiet and time to grieve.

Have you ever had an “out of sorts” sort of day? How do you handle it?

10 thoughts on “Out of sorts…

  1. Yup, I’ve definitely had those types of days and what I do is take breaks to read or take a walk so that I can clear my head (and energy) in order to regroup again and hopefully proceed again. 🙂 I feel for you. Take it easy if you can.

  2. I’m so sorry, I hear you, been feeling much the same these days. Grief takes more time then you would expect, and for me, time alone is mandatory. Crave out some space for yourself, it’s 10:30 here and I’m still snuggled in bed catching up on posts! Hugs, C

  3. I try to practice taking deep breaths. Even if I have to just go into the bathroom to get the space for it. I’ve been listening to the Calm app meditations every morning when I walk the dog. Helps me get the day going right.

  4. This is something I absolutely understand. Allow yourself to feel those feelings and don’t feel bad for having them.

    I need to be alone when I feel this way. Walking, reading, or meditation usually helps me.

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