Free from the tyranny of my step counter

fitbit charge 3 won't charge.
My fitbit “Charge 3” won’t charge.

Last night my fitbit was low on juice so I charged it all night long. It’s completely dead this morning. Rather than going out (or to their website) to buy a new one, I wonder if I really need a fitbit? I always get between 10,000 and 20,000 steps per day. Do I really need to know the exact count?

I have a love hate relationship with my Fitbit. I’ve written about it HERE.

I know if I had a good night’s sleep or not.

Sometimes I’ll wake up feeling refreshed and then look at my night’s sleep on the fitbit and discover I didn’t sleep well. Then I’m cranky and tired all day.

Should I free myself from the tyranny of the tracker? What is it doing to benefit me? The only downside I can see of not wearing one anymore is the bragging rights to my husband when I get more steps than him. We are quite competitive when it comes to our steps.

That reminds me of when we were visiting my husband’s best friend from childhood. They were big football stars in high school. They were busy comparing who was walking more by looking at their apps on their phones. My daughter interrupted and said, “Did you ever think you’d see the day when you’d be bragging about how many steps you’re taking?”

That stopped them. They both looked kind of sheepish and put their phones away.

The question is do you use a fitness tracker of some kind? Why or why not? Do you think it’s helpful? What benefits do you get from it?

22 thoughts on “Free from the tyranny of my step counter

  1. I have a Fitbit. I like tracking my steps, but I’m very like that about everything…I’m an analyst and stats person so it fits my personality

  2. I went from tracking to not tracking so I get both camps :)..Once I had a consistent routine, checking the number didn’t matter as much – I find that I’m much more intuitive and better about listening to my body when I’m not tracking (do less on days I’m feeling run down, more on others) instead of pushing for a specific number every day. It’s so personal, though..

  3. I started with Fitbit and after going through 2 of those I was gifted an Apple Watch. I wear it mostly out of habit, though knowing how many steps I did or didn’t do is a plus. This watch has many other features that are useful.

  4. I don’t, and never have, used a Fitbit or other device but I do check my step count on my phone. I do use an app to help me with my Keto program and record what I eat everyday and my weight and steps. I don’t keep track of heart rate or things like that. I couldn’t justify spending the money on the features that I wouldn’t use.

      • I’ve been heavy all my life and finally after topping out at 238 pounds I knew I had to do something. I write it all down in a planner that I have specifically for that but having the app on my phone which has a scanner so I can just scan the labels, makes it a lot easier. I’m down 70 pounds and have about 30 to go so I need all the help I can get.

  5. I don’t have a fit bit. My husband does and I think it’s so funny how upset he gets of he doesn’t wear it when he exercises. I remind him that his body burned the calories, whether it was recorded on a Fitbit or not. The counter doesn’t make the steps any more healthful.

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