It’s all about the sea

Cloudy day at the beach with sun peeking through
Evening at the beach during a cloudy day, looking north. University of California Santa Barbara is at the furthest point of land in the distance.

Our vacation is centered around the ocean. Every morning we start the day with a long beach walk. Then after the strong rays of sunshine and crowds leave the beach, we head back to sit, read and walk some more.

Yesterday was cloudy and I wasn’t sure about going to the beach in the evening. I thought it would be too cold. But it was quiet and peaceful, except for the roar of the ocean. I sat watching perfect wave after wave curl into a barrel. Only two other families were at the mile long beach. I felt so thankful to be here on vacation.

beautiful blue sea and sky that matches
Walking south during the cloudy day. I loved how the blues of the water and sky matched.

One thing that surprises me is that our friends who live here don’t take advantage of the beach. One friend said she’d like to join me for a beach walk this weekend. That she hasn’t walked on the beach since last time we were here! I think that was last August. To give her credit, they do own a sailboat and sail one day per week.

I know if I lived here I’d make it to the beach every single day. At least for my morning walk. I wouldn’t take it for granted having lived for 35 years in the desert.

Where you live do you take your environment for granted? Or do you try to enjoy it to the fullest?

10 thoughts on “It’s all about the sea

  1. You might be surprised. You are on vacation/retired. If you were working, you might be relegated to cooking, cleaning, laundry, and sleeping when you could. I lived in Sierra Vista (AZ) and used to participate in shooting contests in Tombstone. And even though it was a huge chapter in the Old West history that spawned a movie of the same name, to me it was just more desert and a place to ping targets. My point being, that if it is your backyard, it loses the “awe” factor.

    • Yes, good point. I’m always on vacation when I’m at the ocean. I have had time to enjoy it for the past 30 years. My friend works very hard on her own business and a part time job. She’s strapped for time and prefers to go on 50 mile bike rides during the week instead of a walk.

  2. We live a couple of miles from the ocean but rarely go there. In SoCal, the beaches are almost always busy and parking can be a challenge. The bay is a bit closer and less crowded and we go there more often. I love empty stretches of beach and it looks like you had it all to yourself. Heaven!

    • We used to spend our summer vacations in Laguna Beach. It got really crowded and we decided on the Santa Barbara area. My son went to UCSB and we started coming up here. The beaches are empty and there is always parking — except on sunny weekends.

  3. I always think I enjoy my urban environment to the fullest, but don’t we always take what’s in front of us for granted?

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