What are your thoughts about camping? Are you a tent person or an RVer and why?

Do you think my quest for 20-year-marshmallow roasters is quest for memories past and easier times?

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  1. So glad that you get a family visit EA! That should be so much fun and so meaningful to spend time with everyone together.

    I used to have camping bins too! I took the kids tent camping a lot, even sometimes went on my own. I still love the idea and simplicity of tenting, I just can’t get up off the ground very well 😉 Glad you found your stuff and can enjoy s’mores by the fire 🙂

    • It was easy to go tent camping. Especially with bins ready to go! We used to go spur of the moment. Then in CA you had to make reservations online and they’d go within hours of being released months in advance. I totally relate to getting off the ground!

      • Yes, the reservation system has become such a thing here as well, unless you want to go with dispersed camping on DNR or BLM land. That’s a bit rough for me 😉

      • Before the reservation system, when we wanted to camp at the beach near Santa Barbara, it was first come first serve. We’d spend the night prior with our friends — and then my husband would get in line at 4 or 5 a.m. to get out spot! Yes, DNR or BLM would be too rough for me, too. I like having a bathroom with running water nearby.

  2. So excited for you…and cheers to s’mores with family! I learned a lesson this summer from a dear friend…add peanut butter to the graham crackers and you’ve got a Reese’s like treat…with marshmallows. Yum. I think I was late to the party to discover this but wowza. Good stuff. And yes…your story about the search expedition to find the skewers? Me, too. They were buried in the basement from the days when our daughter was small and I found a ton of the telescoping variety. You’re right – all of it brought back sweet memories – literally! 😎🥰😎

    • Thanks for the peanut butter tip. I haven’t tried that before. Yes, those were such sweet memories once I found the skewers. So sad, but I was talking to my daughter yesterday about it and she insisted that the skewers weren’t ours but a friend’s. I was so disappointed! Isn’t it strange how members of the same family have such different memories? I’m glad you found yours and have sweet memories, like I do.

  3. I would absolutely quarantine for those guests and backyard camping activities sound perfect!! I hope you all have the best time! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  4. Sitting around the fire and roasting S’mores is a delight and yes, takes you back to simpler times. I am glad that my kids still enjoy doing it. Hmm.. maybe we will have to do that again this week, before the weather gets too cold! I hope you can have a wonderful time with your son and DIL and daughter. <3

  5. Not a camping fan but congrats on finding your S’mores roasters! Have a great time with your kids! We just went to a family friend’s wedding and were all together in dress up clothes! Such a rarity for us.

  6. Absolutely I would quarrantine for them. Totally into camping. Used to backpack, that is hardcore, them moved to tent camping. We bought a used camper this summer.

    • I have only done day backpack hiking. I’d go with a girlfriend’s family. She ended up becoming a back country ranger. I love tent camping. I could see us getting a camper some day. The RV was not for us. Neither one of us wanted to drive it. We ended up hiring a driver to drive into the mountains and would leave it at a campground for a month and use it for weekend getaways.

      • I found backpacking to be the greatest builder of self reliance and estem. An hour into the hike and the people you started with are gone…. reality hits hard. An “oh shit” moment. I’ve been on the AT in prime hiking season and not seen another person for days.

      • Wow. I’m impressed. My girlfriend would leave her husband and child for months at a time as a back country ranger. She said the same thing that she wouldn’t see people for days.

    • Thank you! Yes, I’m eagerly quarantining. I haven’t been camping for several years. My husband is like you and wants his creature comforts. When we moved to Arizona and fortunately were able to sell the RV — because they were in demand during COVID — I suggested buying a pick up truck with a camper and he looked at me like I was nuts!

      • True, I think it could come from childhood. I was in Girl Scouts. We had a camping trip. First, we set up tents. I shared with someone. The tent kept caving in, so I felt claustrophobic. Then we were cooking over the fire, I didn’t think to have a rag when I pulled the pan off the fire, so burned my fingers. LOL — Obviously, we didn’t have good camp instructors. So, after that, I was DONE!

      • LOL – these mothers were not campers. I think they manual said they needed to take us for a camping outing, so we were in someone’s back yard. The goal, get our pin or badge, whatever that was.

    • That sounds good! I bet that works in today’s world. You could call Uber Eats for delivery. I liked camping and having to cook meals on my camp stove. But I disliked washing dishes, having to heat water, no sink, etc.

  7. What are your thoughts about camping? Are you a tent person or an RVer and why? I don’t camp.

    Do you think my quest for 20-year-marshmallow roasters is quest for memories past and easier times? We just gave our marshmallow roasters to Goodwill, apparently admitting that easier times are behind us. 🤷‍♀️

  8. Sometimes we want to relive our good memories even in small ways. Especially when times are tougher. It’s so nice of you all to support your daughter in law. I hope that despite the circumstances you enjoy spending some time together and are able to make some more good memories.

  9. I love that your son and DIL are coming to visit — and your daughter too! Totally worth quarantining for!! As for s’mores, I think you are right that they are nostalgic – as is the easy pace of sitting around a fire telling stories. I hope you have wonderful times doing that!

    • Thank you, Wynne. I’m looking forward to it. My daughter threw a little rain on my parade, telling me that they may find my “cool” evening weather a bit hot for a fire! I forget they are in a different climate than us 😅 We’ll have fun together regardless.

  10. It’s weird how some words survive the trip across the Atlantic intact, while other don’t. In Africa – or at least in my corner of it – “RV” means retrovirus. We typically call a recreational vehicle a caravan, which is also odd, since no camels are involved.

  11. How wonderful you are willing to quarantine for family. Your house seems so lovely and inviting. I didn’t grow up camping but took my kids all the time when they were younger. I loved it for them, but it’s so much work. If money was no obstacle, I’d be an RV person for sure!

    • If you click on the link to my RV story, it was a disaster for us. I thought it would be a dream come true. Until we tried it! I’m so thankful for COVID causing RVs to be in demand so we could sell the beast!

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