Time keeps on slipping

July 14, 1985 in Laguna Beach. My hubby’s Aunt Ann and Uncle Luciano are next to us.

I am in disbelief that I’ve been married for 38 years. Where did the time go?

We were together for two years before marriage, so that makes it 40 years! Of course, you have to believe that I was a child bride to make this a possibility.

Thirty-eight years ago, we lived in a small apartment. Four units around a pool. My view out the kitchen window was an empty lot of dirt. No spectacular views. We’d see a shadow of the landlord walking by our drawn curtains at night, carrying a shot gun. She made her rounds each night.

We knew all our neighbors. I was asked to be a bridesmaid by the next door neighbor. She was a close friend at that time. Her fiancee left her at the altar and she eventually moved away. I haven’t seen or heard from her since.

It took us a few years to buy our first house. Then five more until we moved into the house that was home for 28 years. The first year we lived in our Palm Springs dream home, our son was born. Three years later, our daughter. Now they’re grown and we’re in Arizona — living our next adventure on our own.

It’s been a wonderful 38 years. I feel blessed.

I can’t help thinking of the song “Time Keeps on Slipping” by the Steve Miller Band.

Do you find that as you get older time goes by faster? Why do you think that is?

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  1. Happy Anniversary EA!

    Yes, I am sure time is speeding up. I think we reach a point where we realize time is finite for us as a human being, plus maybe we’ve already done so much during our life that there often seems there’s not a lot left. That is one reason for sure to get out and about everyday and see what’s new around you!

    • Thank you! I can’t believe how quickly the weeks go by for me now. I think you’re correct about realizing time is finite for us. Yes, we do need to get out everyday and see what’s new!

  2. Congratulations, E.A.! Wishing you and your husband many more years of love and adventure!

    As for time slipping by, I read that it feels that way because the less time we have before us, each moment comprises a larger percentage of that time. When you’re 10 and have another 80 years of life, each year is ~1.25% of your life, whereas at 65 with 25 years to go, each year is 4% of your remaining life. By age 85, each year is close to 20% of your life.

  3. As the years go on, each year is a shorter percentage of life. My besties daughter is getting married in oct of 24. All I can think is that we’re going to blink and the wedding will be upon us

    • We have a vacation planned mid August, and I feel like that’s next week. I understand exactly what you mean about your daughter’s best friend’s wedding.

  4. Happy, Happy Anniversary! And what a perfect song to accompany your thoughts. Yes! And isn’t one of the lyrics something about time ‘slippin, slippin, slippin into the future’? I feel that. Like a runaway train! I wish I knew why. If you figure out how to slow things down, please do so! And…loved the photo of you and your husband. How beautiful! xo! 🥰

  5. Wow! 38 years of marriage is a fabulous accomplishment and can I just say you two are adorable! Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more because I couldn’t agree more, the years are slipping by at an alarming rate. Much love to you, C

  6. Congratulations on your long and fruitful marriage!
    Yes time goes by very quickly now, when I’m thinking about deadline for the book especially. Not as much when I’m simmering something on the stove for dinner and I wish it would hurry up!

  7. When you get older, time goes faster because…here it goes….you look at world in shorter time blocks. See, when you are a kid , time is measured by distance between holidays, in particular, Birthday, Christmas, School start, school end. It seemed like forever waiting for one to lead to the other.
    As an adult, you measure life by “bills due” and “paychecks”. So every TWO WEEKS,, you got paid, and bills were due. Ever gone to the mailbox, retrieved the electric bill and wondered “did I not just PAY this damn thing?”. Yes, but that was a MONTH ago. So 12 electric bills equals one year. Poof.
    The shorter the windows, the quicker the time. When you get MUCH older, the entire time paradigm shifts back to the “holiday” waiting period rather than the “paycheck/bills due” period, and time slows back down.
    Then you die.

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