Mexican getaway

Pollo lucas

Our favorite restaurant in Puerto Penasco, Mexico called Pollo Lucas.

We went south four and a half hours for a few days. We had planned this trip after I got back from Seattle to spread my mom’s ashes — but I tested positive for COVID the day before we were supposed to leave.

We had booked a condo through VRBO and we passed the refund date. Of course. The VRBO host told me he’d try to get at least a 50% refund. After a few hours of haggling, he got us 100% money back and we promised to come back and stay in his unit in the future.

I’ve got tons of resort and beach photos, but this post will focus on food. Why not?

The first night we wandered down to the pool and had nachos at the pool bar. Eh. Then we walked down Sandy Beach to Diego’s Tiki Bar and split a shrimp cocktail which was huge. (Puerto Penasco is a fishing village and the main catch is shrimp.) I didn’t get a photo but here’s one of the Tiki Bar.

View from inside Diego's Tiki Bar

Diego’s Tiki Bar. Beautiful views, amazing staff and decent food.

Diego Tiki Bar sign

If you go by car, rather than beach, this is the sign.

Last time we were in Puerto Penasco we tried to have breakfast at a popular spot called Kaffee Haus. There was a 90-minute wait, so we passed. This time, we decided to go close to opening. We were in luck and got seated immediately.

Kaffee Haus huevos rancheros

My favorite Mexican breakfast huevos rancheros. It was delicious! Our entire married life, until we moved to Arizona, my husband and I would spend one weekend morning having huevos at our favorite Mexican restaurants in the Palm Springs area. He orders machaca and I like my huevos rancheros.

machaca at Kaffee Haus

My husband’s machaca served with beans and potatoes.

Grilled shrimp at Garufa's.

One night we decided to go fancy and we went to Garufa Steak House. It’s in the middle of the condo resorts on Sandy Beach and was delicious but pricey. Still less than what we’d pay in California or Arizona. I ordered the grilled shrimp served with potatoes and veggies. My husband had the rib eye. We also had asparagus. It was all cooked to perfection and flavorful!

Rib eye steak at Garufa's.
Asparagus at Garufa's.

The day before we headed home, we had a late lunch at our favorite Pollo Lucas. I’ve never tasted better chicken in my life. We had to wait for 20 minutes for the chicken to finish charbroiling. They must have had a huge lunch rush. We were served one whole chicken hot off the grill, steaming bowls of rice and beans, fresh made salsa and homemade tortillas. All for $20 including the sugary real Cokes.

Pollo Lucas chicken dinner.

Chicken with fixings at Pollo Lucas.

Chicken hot off the grill. Juicy, moist with so much flavor. We have tons of leftovers, too!

Real Coca Cola in bottles with tons of sugar.

What is your favorite breakfast food? Do you like to go out to or make it at home?

40 thoughts on “Mexican getaway

  1. I would love to visit Mexico but my husband doesn’t think it’s safe. Not sure how to convince him. We have so many friends who go there. Do you need a passport?

    • Yes, you need a passport to get back into the US. They wave your through on your way to Mexico. I think it depends on where you go if it’s safe of not. We did notice so much police presence during the hour drive from the border to the resort. Then before we made the turn to Sandy Beach where the resorts are there was a police stop. Everyone was stopped and the police looked inside cars. I think they were giving a message that they weren’t putting up with any crime and we’d be safe.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it! It is always about the food, isn’t it? Favorite breakfast-a bagel with cream cheese and lox and a cup of coffee. I heard of something bad taking place in Mexico at a popular tourist spot. Glad it did not happen to you and your husband!

  3. Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and granola topping. I however would eat any and all of what you showed us in this post EA! Glad you got away after your Covid crud.

  4. I’m with your hubby in the machaca camp. We have a local restaurant with such huge portions that my leftovers provide tacos and quesadillas for several days. We don’t go too often, but it is delicious!

  5. What an incredible array of food! Larry and I love to go out to breakfast and we love huevos rancheros! We also love to whip up some scrambled eggs and bacon when home. Sounds like your trip was a wonderful get-a-way! Thanks for sharing your delicious meals. Hugs, C

  6. Breakfast/ brunch is my favorite meal! So much to choose!! Love eggs Benny, love pancakes, love waffles….too many good things to choose from

  7. Oh my goodness! Thanks for taking us along! Everything looks delicious…and the scenery (even though you weren’t focusing on that) is amazing….maybe because it snowed here overnight? 😉 After several days in the high 70’s? As to your question…I had a massive blueberry protein pancake this morning and it was pretty yummy. Share more pics when you’re able! xo, Elizabeth!

  8. Usually my breakfast is coffee and toast or bagel. But bacon is a favorite. I enjoy toast with cheddar, avocado and bacon, or when there are garden fresh tomatoes, toast with cheddar, bacon and tomato. A good breakfast burrito with green chili is nice sometimes.

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